House of Dolls

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House of Dolls
Event Theren Festival 2
Owner Pyff
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Toy shops, Container shops, Food shops, Drink shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[House of Dolls, Display Room]
The tent walls have been painted with a variety of bright scenes designed to attract the attention of children, while colorful rugs cover the dirt floor. A wide table and a tall display case face the center tent pole, which is lined with a series of brass hooks, supporting a collection of sturdy doll cases and satchels. Several Halfling clerks stand ready to assist customers with any purchases, often pausing to gently guide small children away from the fragile dolls in the glass display case. You also see a tent flap.
Obvious exits: east.

On the brass hooks
Item Price Done
sky-blue silk doll satchel embroidered with puffy silk clouds 5,000   No
supple white leather doll case stenciled with colorful clowns 5,000   No
midnight blue silk doll case clasped with a silver star 1,500   
creamy white silk doll satchel embroidered with a field of golden buttercups 5,000   
fine leather doll satchel 1,700   No
On the wide table
Item Price Done
gingerbread clown cookie with colorful gumdrop buttons 0   No
frosty crystal pitcher of fizzy pink lemonade 0   No
thick fudge brownie 0   No
earthenware pitcher filled with ice-cold milk 0   No
A small note reads:"Please help your little ones with the food and do not allow them to pour their own drinks. Thank you."
In the display case
Item Price Done
These dolls have small flasks inside
stately porcelain queen doll dressed in crimson velvet robes 13,500   No
beaming porcelain king doll wearing a jeweled golden crown 12,000   No
blushing porcelain bride doll carrying a bouquet of pale violet silk roses 5,000   
dashing porcelain pirate doll bearing a curved silver scimitar 5,000   
handsome porcelain groom doll dressed in a tailored black silk suit 5,000   
delicate porcelain fae queen doll with silvery gossamer wings 7,000   No
petulant bridesmaid doll in a frilly puce dress 4,000   No

[House of Dolls, Nursery]
Dyed the pale blue of a summer sky, the walls in this corner of the tent are painted with puffy white clouds. A small playpen occupies the center of the room, flanked by a pair of lace-trimmed cradles. A large toy box filled with cuddly stuffed animals rests against the far wall. You also see a cloud-shaped sign.
Obvious exits: west.

 A cloud-shaped sign reads:

" The two cradles hold an assortment of dolls for children of all races, 
   the perfect gift for your child's birthday or other special occasion. 
         To purchase the doll of your choice, simply ORDER DOLL:

            S'KRA DOLL          PRYDAEN DOLL
            GNOME DOLL          GOR'TOG DOLL
            ELVEN DOLL          DWARVEN DOLL

In the small playpen
Item Price Done
cuddly stuffed kitten with soft white fur 2,000   No
floppy-eared plush puppy 2,000   
fuzzy felt hedgehog 2,000   No
tiny grey toy mouse 2,000   
In the silk-lined cradle
Item Price Done
sleeping Prydaen baby doll wrapped in rose felt blankets 5,000   
sleeping Gor'Tog baby doll wrapped in fuchsia wool blankets 10,000   No
sleeping Gnome baby doll wrapped in pale yellow silk blankets 5,000   
sleeping Elothean baby doll wrapped in pink silk blankets 10,000   No
sleeping Human baby doll wrapped in soft pink wool blankets 10,000   No
sleeping Dwarven baby doll wrapped in a fraying wool blanket 10,000   
In the ribbon-trimmed cradle
Item Price Done
sleeping S'Kra Mur baby doll wrapped in pale green silk blankets 10,000   No
sleeping Elven baby doll wrapped in leaf-green cotton blankets 5,000   
sleeping Halfling baby doll wrapped in jam-stained felt blankets 10,000   
sleeping Kaldar baby doll wrapped in faded blue wool blankets 10,000   No
sleeping Rakash baby doll wrapped in pale blue silk blankets 5,000   No
In the toy box
Item Price Done
cuddly black velvet dragon with iridescent silver scales 10,000   No
chestnut velvet horse 10,000   No
bright green plush frog wearing a golden crown 8,000   
tiny silk-winged fae 5,000   No