History of the Order of the Black Fox

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Through exhausting efforts I was able uncover the following document deep in the Order offices. It appeared to be a handwritten message from the founding Speaker of the Order, Argot Dominai, to the current members of the Order at the time. I have committed this text to several back-up documents and placed them in our records storage to prevent any future loss. To support this effort I have also placed a copy here for public viewing. ~Kohab

A Brief History of the Order of the Black Fox

On the glowing warmth of the sixth month of Arhat the Fire Lion, in 332, the Year of the Amber Phoenix, a pact was made in a tiny hollow called Black Fox, named for the rare and gentle foxes that once resided deep in the shadowed forests south of Leth Deriel. Fourteen families there were, all with future-sight, all knowing the realms of Elanthia would not be remote and protected forever.

They saw that trouble would stir and whirl as winter winds, and prepared for the hordes of strangers certain to converge on their beloved lands in search of natural ore-wealth and gems, and the adventure of the wildest hunts. Troubled times already had begun, and beasts foul and vile, fang and talon bared, had begun to inch closer to the hollow. So the fourteen families came together to take control of their destiny, and met in a shimmering field on a clear summer's day with the sun blessing their skin, and agreed to this:

They would send their firstborn -- be they lad or lass -- to the far northern reaches of the Realms; there to be schooled near the forestall Paladin stronghold called Therenborough. There, they would study the ways of honor, and how to live one's life true. And they would return to Leth Deriel, strong and right and filled with the might of knowledge.

As they disbanded on that sunny, fateful day to return to their homes, the lead speaker placed his fist to his chest and peered at each of the others in turn, saying in the ancient Elven tongue: "Fian nath dairia" ... May your path be ever straight.

Within the month, their children had left the hollow, and its legends, behind.

Now, ye surely be thinking, "These fourteen children were raised as Paladins, having grown in the looming shadow of Theren’s Keep itself." Not so, dear friends, though learn wondrous ways they did. Ye see, 'twas customary for men and women of every race and every Guild to gather at the Keep, there to study the ways of honor and truth. They were the first children ever to be raised thusly at the Keep, and they passed fifteen Elanthian summers with those gallant leaders of learning, the Paladin Knights. They studied of honor, gentleness and strength, and of the trades of the Realms from the many people of many Guilds drawn to the Keep. Thus, each child grew to adulthood, and was able to choose his or her own path in life, and learn it in an honorable and diverse way.

They grew close, these fourteen youths, and no matter their choice of trade, considered each a member of his or her own family. Their time in Therengia was fleet, as time will be, and the day came when those once children would return to their homes as men and women, all well respected in the Guilds of their choosing. Together, they made the happy journey south, there to be reunited with their loved ones.

But as the children had grown strong and wise, their homeland had fallen into disarray. The future-sight of their families was upon them, and the lands were fraught with evil beings and evil deeds. Many newcomers were starving because they knew little of the hunting grounds and the ways of survival in a strange land. The Guilds had grown weak, most of the elders having passed on or been killed in battle, and the new members struggled to maintain each Guild's ways. In truth, all of Elanthia was suffering, writhing in a lack of truth and knowledge.

Distressed but not disheartened, the group of fourteen came together, much as their parents had and in the same field, to continue the wisdom of their elders. They founded an Order, a guiding council of fourteen to which Elanthia could look for leadership on how to survive; for guidance on how to lead one's life true; and for learning how best to speak and act in brotherhood and sisterhood, so as not to offend. Most importantly, they called on the ways of their teachers to form roundtable forums for the people of the lands, where all and any could go to speak and be heard. For indeed, the Council had learned from their elders that in sharing power, one becomes the most powerful of all.

When they disbanded that day to return to their homes, the lead speaker, guided by some vague, haunting memory from childhood, placed his fist to his chest, peered at each of the others in turn, and said in the ancient Elven tongue: "Fian nath dairia ... May your path be ever straight.

~Argot Dominai~

Though the years were long and the members did make valiant attempts to remain true to the pure ways which they had learned abroad, the darkness which encompassed the land did break them down. One by one, they each took their walk into the distant horizon. Leaving only a faint trail for those to follow who wished to learn what they had known. While many crept into the pages of the history books, a select few decided to remain and raise families of their own in isolation from the darkness.

Without the founders, the Order of the Black Fox was plunged into disarray. Several valid attempts were made at reforming the Order. Under years of shifting leadership the once stalwart walls which supported the Order begun to crumble. A lack of direction, and of motivation, allowed the Order itself to continue along its downward plunge. It was almost as if those of the Order fell victim to the very troubled times they had rallied to combat.

Remaining members attempted to put on a brave face, holding events and recruiting new members. However many of these things were often ill-wrought and poorly concieved. It was the lack of follow through which led to many of the Order's involvements becoming nothing more than opportunities to showcase how poorly the order was doing when compared to its peers. Time and time again, its members were mocked behind closed doors and joked about amongst the community. What had once begun as something so pure was now just a reason to make most chuckle and snicker.

After a time of complete abandonment, a clerk in charge of the various official orders of Elanthia set about to quest for one whom could either lead the order or disband it forever. That quest would lead the clerk to the most unlikely of people, me, a small human girl from the islands. My name is Kohab, and the documents showed me as being one of the last remaining descendants of the original founders of the order. In this child, the clerk had found what could be a new age for the decrepit order.

With my title and position as Speaker for the Order of the Black Fox made official, I have begun the long journey of turning the Order around from its former downward path. All eyes remain judging me to see if my youth will prove to be an asset or a handicap. As my plans unfold, they will begin to see what future I have in store for this order. Perhaps they will also begin to understand what it is that I see in these lands. With those prescious few that I can bring under my banner, we will usher about a new way.