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Hervean Itawa'hitak
Status Active
Race Gor'Tog
Gender Male
Guild Paladin
Instance Prime

You are Hervean Itawa'hitak, Grand Master Paladin, a Gor'Tog.
You have a square face, amber eyes and a crooked nose. You have dusky olive skin and a hefty build.
You are tall for a Gor'Tog.
A trio of ivory spirits float lazily around your left wrist, glowing with a lustrous sheen against your skin.
Your forearm has a tattoo of a kneeling Gor'Tog thrusting a sword skyward as he is encircled by a ring of spectral apparitions.

You are wearing a stately cloak of pure white velvet adorned with the crest of the Paladins' Guild, a tempered partisan, a lumium aegis, a lumium great helm crafted from tempered plates, a seasoned oilcloth rucksack with creased leather straps, a thin chainmail belt secured with an oval soulstone buckle, an albredine crystal ring, some soft black leucro hide boots with front lacings, a polished iron ring inset with a cambrinth shield, a braided leather weapon harness fitted with cambrinth-inlaid steel rivets, a plain war belt crafted from dark brown leather, a hammered silver band set with a cambrinth crest of the Paladin Guild, a silver-bound dark leather ankle sheath, a bright blue albredine ring, some steel-toed footwraps, some elbow spikes, some knee spikes, a silver-plated parry stick etched with ornate knotwork, a supple leather satchel embellished with an engraved iron ring and a lumpy bundle.

  • Hervean is a metal armor and shield smith operating out of Ratha.