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This is an index for links to help videos.


  • New Player Tutorial Part 1: How to find your way around, where to find maps, and some options to consider when looking to get equipped for combat.
  • New Player Tutorial Part 2: How to find your way to your first hunting ground, stepping into combat, killing a creature and skinning/looting the corpse.
  • New Player Tutorial Part 3: How to use magic, assess your combat situation, face/target a creature, harness additional mana, and utilize buffing spells.
  • New Player Tutorial Part 4: How to level up, use your Time Development Points, depart if you die, and gain favors with the Immortals.
  • Hunting Preparation: Setting your fighting stance, selling bundles, adjusting and wearing shields and using swap-able weapons.
  • Creature Hunting Progression: An example creature hunting progression for someone attempting to keep their box skills along with their skinning trained.

General Systems

  • COMBAT and SET Commands: Using SET command to toggle information received and using COMBAT command to toggle how much of others combat messaging you see.
  • Using Macros: A beginner guide to setting up and using simple macros in order to help reduce your keystrokes and speed up command input.
  • Verbs: How to discover new ways to emote and interact with the realms.
  • Say: How to say things with emotion.
  • Making and Using Scripts: A beginner guide to setting up and using simple scripts which could involve variables, matches, and labels.
  • New Player Tutorial Part 5: How to repair your weapons, armor, and instruments, how to heal yourself if no Player Character Empaths can be found, and how to shave for fun, profit, and an encumbrance reduction.
  • New Player FAQ: A short FAQ regarding armor and weapon choices, statistic training, spell selection, and monetary income.