Headhunter Designs (2)

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Headhunter Designs
Event Taisidon Safari 412, Taisidon Safari 420
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Headhunter Designs, Front Room]
Brightly colored feathers are scattered around the area, stuck to the floors, walls and even the ceiling. Sawdust and shavings of rare and exotic woods mingle with the feathers on the floor. Various headdresses hang from a sturdy bamboo rack in one corner, just under a garland of carved wooden shrunken heads.
You also see a driftwood table with several things on it, a large multicolored board and some salt-stained brass hooks with several things on it.
Obvious exits: out.

A large multicolored board reads:
"At headhunter designs, we really use our heads. Our motto is if you can't put it on your head, you won't find it here."

On the driftwood table
Item Price Done
dramatic silver and Taisidonian pearl earrings 200,000   !!
ear cuff of tamarind wood carved to resemble a climbing shh'oi paguur 3,000   !!
curving platinum ear cuff suspending a cluster of amethyst phofe flowers 20,000   !!
golden palm frond ear cuff 2,000   !!
On the bamboo rack
Item Price Done
blood red headdress of sculpted leather and bone 4,000   !!
elegant headdress woven with aubergine velvet phofe flowers 10,000   !!
weathered leather headdress adorned with shrunken shh'oi paguur paws 5,000   !!
cloud-white arzumos fur headdress edged with polished claws 10,000   !!
bright parrot feather headdress dangling wooden charms 3,000   !!
large palm frond headdress interwoven with river boa skins 7,000   !!
long ceremonial headdress crowned with sharktooth blossoms 10,000   !!
shell-beaded braided kelp headdress centered with a large Taisidonian pearl 300,000   !!
black pard leather headdress strewn with painted clay beads 8,000   !!
On the brass hooks
Item Price Done
speckled wooden mask with resin-traced carvings 2,000   !!
simple shh'oi paguur mask carved from tamarind wood 3,000   !!
maned desumos mask with palmwood inlay and amber accents 8,000   !!
elaborate adderwood mask adorned with spiky dried grass and shards of bone 20,000   !!
glazed clay mask sculpted to resemble a stylized face frozen in mid-scream 5,000   !!
"These masks are for decorative and ceremonial purposes only, they provide no protection in battle."