Headhunter Designs (1)

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Headhunter Designs (1)
Event Return to Taisidon
Owner Unknown
# of Rooms Unknown
Store Type Clothing shops
This store only accepts Lirums
A large multicolored board reads:
"At headhunter designs, we really use our heads. Our motto is if you can't put it on your 
head, you won't find it here."
On the brass hooks
Item Price Done
small black and white shh'oi paguur mask 2,930   No
rough wooden mask painted with colorful geometric patterns ?   No
black hide mask covered with hand-painted symbols and dried blades of grass ?   No
soft driftwood mask set with painted shells ?   
beaded khor'vela wood dragon mask ?   
A small sign reads:
"These masks are for decorative and ceremonial purposes only, they provide no protection in battle."
On the bamboo rack
Item Price Done
long ceremonial headdress adorned with a multitude of colorful parrot feathers ?   No
large palm frond headdress in the form of the visage of a mighty dragon ?   No
brightly beaded headdress set with tiny silver stars 8,921   
simple arzumos fur headdress edged with polished claws 5,924   No
battered leather headdress adorned with shrunken shh'oi paguur paws 3,495   No
tall velvet headdress set with large Taisidonian pearls 11,923   No
elegant headdress woven with bright khor'vela blossoms 4,922   
shabby headdress made from dyed chicken feathers 1,942   No
heavy headdress strung with long strands of wooden beads 4,956   No