Head, Access Hatch

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The Head, Access Hatch
Event Hollow Eve Festival 399
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Miscellaneous shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[The Head, Access Hatch]
The curved metal walls in this section are smooth and completely free of the decay that mars the rest of the area. The steel access hatch stands open to allow easy passage to and from the bridge, its squashed ovoid shape reminiscent of a chicken's egg. A pair of short steel-grated hallways lead toward the eyes of the giant metallic beast. You also see a battered oak shelf with some stuff on it and a steel access hatch.

On the oak shelf
Item Price Done
colorfully painted kaleidoscope 40,590   
glittering ruby-red kaleidoscope 90,200   
blue-tinged silver kaleidoscope 90,200   
burnished bronze kaleidoscope 54,120   
soot-streaked leather kaleidoscope 68,552   
Note: You are limited to one hand-puppet purchase only.

the clerk pats a ledger and says, "I can only allow each customer to purchase 1 item from a simple wooden 
box.  Looks like this is your last."
On the wooden table
Item Price Done
black hand-puppet crafted to resemble an arch-backed cat 211   
snarling pussy cat hand-puppet missing all its teeth 211   No
black silken crow hand-puppet with feathers poked in at odd angles 211   No
winged hand-puppet crafted from black felt to resemble a bat 211   No
reversible velvet phantom hand-puppet 211   
baby doll hand-puppet whose lower lip protrudes forming a nasty scowl 211   No
On the wooden stool
Item Price Done
ghoulish hand-puppet crafted from white-on-black velvet to resemble a zombie 211   No
weaselly jute hand-puppet with bloodshot purple eyes 211   No
misty grey specter hand-puppet 211   No
crazed lion hand-puppet with an unruly mane and boggle eyes 211   
black hand-puppet crafted from felt to resemble a sinister raven 211   No
white velvet ghost hand-puppet 211   No
bright orange hand-puppet crafted from black-on-orange velvet to resemble a pumpkin 211   
ghoulish hand-puppet crafted from white-on-black velvet to resemble a skeleton 211   No
simple stuffed hand-puppet that resembles a scarecrow 211   No
shadowy fabric hand-puppet with an angry wolf's visage 211   
colorful velvet hand-puppet decked out in jester's garb 211   No
On the wooden box
Item Price Done
skeletal hound hand-puppet wearing a black spiked collar 211   No
spooky ghost hand-puppet draped with gauzy white cloth 211   No
sly lizard hand-puppet wearing a tiny appliqued gamantang 211   No
prim and proper soldier hand-puppet whose uniform is decorated with spaghetti 211   
creepy boggle hand-puppet with oversized hairy ears 211   No
viper hand-puppet with dangling white felt fangs 211   No
dark grey velvet werepuppet with shaggy fur and tiny fangs 211   
dark tree hand-puppet with two eye-shaped knots on its trunk 211   No
one-eyed one-horned flying purple people eater hand-puppet 211   No
skeleton hand-puppet made out of a floppy mop 211   No

On the draped table
Item Price Done
felt hand-puppet that resembles a decayed skull 211   
black bat hand-puppet with tattered wings 211   No
velvet horseless headsman hand-puppet 211   No
fierce velver hand-puppet with a peach fuzz beard 211   No
hairy spider hand-puppet with grotesquely long legs 211   No
greyish velvet zombie with flapping arms 211   No
sad puppy hand-puppet that appears to have been kicked 211   No
white felt hand-puppet that resembles a drooling zombie 211   No
fat rat hand-puppet with blood red eyes 211   No
rotten egg hand-puppet that oozes smelly slime 211   No