Hara'jaal Justice

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Atazai gestures at a hara corsair.
A couple of shabbily dressed guards just arrived.
Spotting Atazai breaking the Baron's peace, the two guards quickly apprehend her and drag Atazai away.

(After the offender is escorted away)
An Empath approaches a hara corsair, quickly touching him.
A hara corsair says, "Thanks dearie."
A hara corsair blows the empath a kiss as she runs off.

[A Dirty Cell]
The room stinks of moldy straw and dust. Thick cobwebs hang in every corner. You also see an iron-strapped door.

A guard walks in and grabs hold of you, dragging you out of the cell.

[Var'Quel Manor, Captain's Office]
Weapons and shields of all types are mounted on the walls of this office. The captain of the Baron's guard sits behind his desk, a monstrous creation of wood and iron. Banners, taken from pirated ships, hang from the ceiling. You also see an iron-strapped door.
Obvious exits: out.

The Captain looks up from his desk with a frown and says, "Heh now I don't need to see him. Just drag him out to the post."
The guard grins and drags you outside.

[The Enclave, Raenaden Jegu]
A brick manor, surrounded with a monstrosity of iron and spiked brass, fills up this entire section of street. Shabbily dressed guards loiter around the stoop of the house, their eyes darting suspiciously. Ornate brass lamps are mounted along the length of the fence. You also see a weathered post.
Obvious paths: northeast, southeast, southwest.

The guard kicks you to your knees and ties you to a post.
The guard smiles and says, "Time to teach this one some manners."
A couple of guards expose your back to the air.
With a flick of the wrist the guard stretches out his whip to its full length then lashes out with it, striking you across the back with a loud *CRACK*.