Handsome Handbags

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Handsome Handbags
Festival Shard Liberation Festival
Owner Cerip
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Food shops, Drink shops, Container shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Handsome Handbags]
Gaethzen orbs hanging from the ceiling create a warm, shifting light that fills the small tent. The scents of new leather and floral perfume mingle in the air, combining with the sound of rustling silk in a pleasant and soothing way. A large silk-draped shelf stands along one wall, and a series of hooks climbs its way up the opposite wall. In the far corner is a full length mirror, where customers pause to contemplate which bag would most perfectly suit their attire. You also see a silken flap.
Obvious exits: north, northeast.

On the silk-draped shelf
Item Price Done
creamy white leather handbag with an ivory orchid clasp 5,863   !!
sleek black snakeskin handbag with a clasp of two identical ivory fangs 5,863   !!
dusky violet velvet handbag trimmed with deep ebony animal charms 5,412   !!
icy blue satin handbag sprinkled with diminutive clear crystal snowflakes 5,412   !!
rich red silk handbag painted with falling autumn leaves 7,667   !!
crisp white silk handbag painted with a swirl of red roses and verdant ivy 7,667   !!
On the hooks
Item Price Done
deep midnight blue satin handbag edged by pale violet amethyst stars 11,275   !!
silvery silk handbag clasped by a large black pearl 13,530   
smoky grey nightweaver silk handbag clasped with a single star sapphire 23,001   !!
pale green silk handbag trimmed with sparkling rose-carved rubies 21,648   !!

[Handsome Handbags]
Swathed in jewel-toned velvet, the walls are illuminated by clusters of gaethzen flowers arranged in clear glass vases on a series of pedestals. A large velvet-draped table occupies the majority of the center of the room, drawing attention to the array of handbags on display.
Obvious exits: southeast, south.

On the velvet-draped table
Item Price Done
silvery white steelsilk-edged handbag with a majestic golden lion clasp 19,844   !!
gauzy white gossamer handbag with a small clasp of golden flowering herbs 5,863   !!
dark leather handbag strung with bead-tipped suede cording 5,863   !!
smooth emerald green handbag formed of elegant velvet ivy leaves 9,020   !!
starry white handbag with a midnight black flap and a diminutive silver bridge clasp 5,863   !!
sable nightweaver silk handbag with a complex platinum knotwork clasp 90,200   !!
shimmery red gossamer handbag with a worked bronze flame clasp 5,863   !!
rich bardic blue suede handbag with an elaborate golden clasp 5,863   !!
dusky black satin handbag with a clasp made of a series of silver stars and moons 5,863   !!

[Handsome Handbags, Waiting Room]
Sheer sashes of varying pastel colors drape along the ceiling, tinting the warm glow of the gaezthen orbs above. The intricately woven rug underfoot adds softness to the lightly fragranced room, its warm pinks and greens reflecting the color schemes of the miniature paintings on the walls. You also see a comfortable-looking white suede couch, a refreshment cart with some stuff on it, and a sheer silk curtain.
Obvious exits: southwest, northwest.

On the refreshment cart
Item Price Done
dainty platter piled high with crispy butter cookies 0   !!
pitcher of iced strawberry lemonade 0   
pot of vanilla-spiced tea 0   DG