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You are Crauyo Alai Hanafae Leadhorin, an Elf.

A diffuse, honey-colored light undulates lazily across your skin, swirling and eddying with every movement. You have pointed ears, gold-flecked crystal green eyes and a freckled nose. Your honey-streaked ginger hair is very long and curly, and is worn in a deceptively careless-looking arrangement of upswept locks held in place by a platinum-plated hairstick with dangling chains of cloud rubies. You have smooth skin and a plump figure. You are tiny for an Elf. A glistening trillion-cut Gemfire ruby rests on your forehead, just above your eyes. You are an adult.> You have a tattoo of a water sprite dancing around a willow tree on your back. You are in good shape.

You are wearing a delicate fae warrior pin standing protectively near a Gemfire ruby-adorned Elf, a twisting crimson moonsilver diadem dangling a single midnight ruby, a pair of gold feather earrings set with tiny rubies, some flowing dark spidersilk robes with golden embroidery, a pair of black ice skates stitched with frolicking fairies in white thread, a sleeveless gown of shimmering white gossamer with a plunging neckline, a woven crimson moonsilver hip-chain dangling midnight rubies, a war belt stitched with "I've got the touch!" around the faceted ruby daisy clasp, a cut silver gem case set with polished cabochon stones labeled "Ruby Monger" and some soft-white boots embroidered with images of frolicking fae.