Halsyrr's Alcmemical Supply

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Halsyrr's Alcmemical Supply
Event Theren Festival 1
Owner Halsyrr
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Container shops, Alchemy shops, Magic shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Halsyrr's Alcmemical Supply, Basics]
The faint odor of chemicals and burnt reagents permeates the air. Two small braziers struggle to bring light to this dark tent. Clerks man the tables lined with various jars, bowls and alchemical supplies. You also see a tent flap, a large display with some stuff on it, a painted glass bin, a portable stone furnace with some stuff on it and a soapstone table with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: north.

On the large display
Item Price Done
grey leather reagents pouch embroidered with various alchemical sigils 1,260   No
black leather supply bag embroidered with various alchemical sigils 1,865   !!
brown leather forage satchel embroidered with various alchemical sigils 1,865   No
In the painted glass bin
Item Price Done
carved bamboo mixing stick 150   
withwood mixing stick 150   No
On the portable stone furnace
Item Price Done
red crystal pestle 2,145   No
green crystal pestle 2,145   No
faceted red crystal mortar 4,280   No
faceted green crystal mortar 4,280   No
On the soapstone table
Item Price Done
smoked glass jar 800   No
green glass jar 800   No
yellow glass jar 800   No
red glass jar 800   No
blue glass jar 800   No
black glass jar 650   No
brown clay jar 650   No
burnt clay jar 650   No
purple clay jar 650   No
grey stone jar 800   No
white stone jar 800   !!
dark crystal jar 1,070   No

[Halsyrr's Alchemical Supply, Magic Reagents]
A large gaethzen disc hovers above, illuminating the room. The room is adorned with end tables in each corner carved to resemble various elements. Small pennants embroidered with alchemical sigils hang along the walls. You also see a large sign, a darkened oak table with some stuff on it, a wooden crate, a carved bone display rack with some stuff on it and a flowing curtain.
Obvious exits: south.

A large sign reads:
I will be available this week to repair your damaged magical metal items. 
The first list will be just for repairs. Depending on scheduling (and bandits) 
I may open a second list for magic metal crafting. I hope to see you this trip, 
if not, I will be travelling this province til my return to the west. -Halsyrr 

On the oak table
Item Price Done
A note reads:
Grab bags of 6 assorted nemmiro stones.
small darkened leather sack 50,000   No
In the wooden crate
Item Price Done
bottle of naphtha ?   
On the bone display rack
Item Price Done
kirmhiro draught ?   !!
Kirmhiro draught -- cures what ails you! Assuming what ails you is a lack of mana. Proprietor not responsible for any adverse side effects, drink at your own risk.