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There is no real world material bearing the name hafaltu.

Items containing the material may cast the Multiple Ethereal Shield spell.

Alteration Properties

Hafaltu is a metal that is a dark green color and is dense and non-reflective. It is always found running through hard stones (like marble) in small veins.

It is a rare material that must be provided for alterations. Intricate detailing via carving is not possible though engraving is fine.


ItemSource isRare item
Hafaltu-veined kuldaez crystalForbidden KnowledgeMystical Machinations (1)Mystical Machinations (2)true
Item:Hafaltu-veined kuldaez crystalMystical Machinations (1)Forbidden Knowledgetrue
Item:Silver brooch in the shape of a shield inlaid with hafaltuTrader Guild, Ratha Shopfalse
Tiny void-black rift contained within a rune-carved hafaltu cageSleeping Dragon Corn Maze 425/End loottrue

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