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Status Active
Race Elf
Gender Male
Guild Ranger
Instance Prime


You are Ranger Guadrul Dahmijes, Sniper of Elanthia, an Elf.

You have pointed ears and crystal blue eyes. Your platinum hair is short and straight, and is worn shaggy. You have tanned skin. A glimmering lockpick-shaped obsidian rests on your forehead, just above your eyes.

You are wearing a shadow-black nightsilk cloak fastened with an animite Rangers' Guild crest clasp, a cambrinth ring etched with the crest of the Rangers' Guild, a somber nightsilk robe prominently embroidered with the crest of the Rangers' Guild, a dark green suede weapons belt with a Rangers' Guild crest buckle and a sniper's longbow with a demonscale-wrapped grip.

Guadrul final.png


Having been raised on the streets from a young age, he never knew his parents. As such, he was a recluse, forced to scavenge for food and shelter. With nothing more than the clothes on his back, he moved frequently, finding his way to Shard where he was attracted to the grandeur and wealth of the city. He would at first try and settle there, in the hopes of finding a home. Having traveled much in his early life, combined with his aptitude for survival, he discovered a natural talent for foraging and formulation of cure-alls. His success brought a little wealth and, recalling his early days, turned to helping those less fortunate in the streets and boroughs surrounding Shard.

As with all things though, his charity would attract the attention of more prosperous members of society, who saw his efforts as undermining their exploitive hold over the lower rungs of society. Fearing that is his orphan status could be a threat, the elites would eventually find a way to shut down his efforts, claiming his lack of formal education was a health risk. His goodwill would eventually lead to the accusation of poisoning by a rural alderman with familial connections to a wealthy lawmaker. This accusation, and eventual warrant for his arrest, forced Guadrul into hiding. This unfortunate incident cemented his attitude that society existed for the benefit of the upper class and subjugation of the less fortunate.

Forced into exile, he escaped below to the sewers. There, he met what would become his sole friend, a simian he found in the dark, cold tunnels under Shard. On the verge of death, Guadrul sought to find a cure, and was forced to leave the abhorrent conditions and venture into the wilds. After many days of careful observation, he was able to nurse the young primate back to health. The two would travel for many years, finally finding refuge in the Crossing.

Intentionally shunning high society, he seeks to keep a low profile, finding solace with those less fortunate.