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Race Human
Gender Male
Guild Barbarian
Instance Prime


You see Greifen Jagenthal, Wolverine of Forfedhdar, a Human.
He has crystal blue eyes. His auburn hair is shoulder length and thick, and is worn arranged in tight dreadlocks. He has dark skin.
He has a thick bushy mustache that droops heavily on his upper lip and a thick beard twisted into three long braids.

He is wearing a brightly dyed helm shaped like the head of a screaming beaked beast, a polished leather harness with a horseman's mace secured to it, a boar-hide backtube, a dull black felt satchel with a wide kidskin strap, a thick bearskin cloak stained with the image of a rearing centaur, a wild chakrel boar amulet hung from a blued steel chain, some full chain armor, a spiked crimson buckler decorated with steel boars, a pair of falconer's gauntlets tooled with overlapping bronze scales, a platinum ring bearing the crest of the Barbarian Guild, a polished silver ring set with an onyx in the shape of a wolverine, a black leather war belt riveted with blued-steel studs, some rugged dark brown pants, a thigh sheath fashioned from a weathered mammoth tusk, some pitted steel-toed footwraps and some bear-hide boots.