Great Outdoors (4)

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The Great Outdoors
Event Guildfest 431
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Container shops, Fletching shops, Jewelry shops, Juggling shops, Ranger shops, Tanning shops
Restrictions Ranger
This store only accepts Lirums

[The Great Outdoors]
Tanned furs, trophy antlers and partially completed longbows dangle from the ceiling of this small shop, giving off the potent aroma of the wilderness. Across one wall is stretched the trophy pelt of a large white hiro bear, its head expertly mounted on a brass pole nearby. A weathered Dwarven man sits behind the rough wooden counter, seemingly ignoring you as he peruses his hunting guide through his spectacles.
You also see a heavy oak door, an oak table with several things on it, a wooden barrel with several things on it, a rough pine rack with several things on it, a heavy oak crate with several things on it and a long wooden shelf with several things on it.

On the table
Item Price Done
bronze flight shears with sinew-wrapped handles 600   !!
blackened steel flight shears with spidersilk-covered handles 1,200   !!
polished gold flight shears engraved with tiny oak leaves 51,000   !!
gleaming silver flight shears with black leather handles 4,000   !!
polished gold wood shaper with a corded spidersilk grip 55,000   
silver wood shaper with a fringed rawhide handle 5,000   
bronze wood shaper studded with hele'la teeth 900   
blackened wood shaper bordered in small raven feathers 750   
ebony hide scraper with a gleaming silver talon handle 1,100   
mistwood hide scraper festooned with colorful boobrie crest feathers 1,000   
bloodwood hide scraper branded with a multitude of black spiders 800   
walnut hide scraper branded with a blackened rosebud 750   
On the barrel
Item Price Done
lead-inlaid steel horseshoes - (50) 3,000   !!
oversized leaded arrowheads - (40) 3,000   !!
hollow steel berries - (30) 3,000   !!
ironwood tree stumps - (45) 3,000   !!
blackened steel twigs - (35) 3,000   !!
patinated copper clovers - (25) 3,000   !!
carved amber pinecones - (20) 3,000   !!
solid bronze acorns - (15) 3,000   !!
polished ivory fishheads - (10) 5,000   !!
jagged silver shark teeth - (5) 2,500   !!
On the rack
Item Price Done
embossed leather thigh quiver branded with the Ranger Guild crest 8,000   !!
brown leather thigh quiver fringed with white owl feathers 8,000   !!
green leather thigh quiver branded with scattered oak leaves 8,000   !!
red leather thigh quiver lined with a black fur pelt 8,000   No
braided multi-colored thigh quiver 8,000   No
On the crate
Item Price Done
black leather bullwhip 20,000   !!
knotted rawhide bullwhip with a malchata rib handle 22,000   !!
brown leather bullwhip with a gold leaf handle 25,000   !!
sleek snakeskin bullwhip with a polished leather handle 22,000   !!
polished leather bullwhip with a corded black handle 15,000   !!
deep red leather bullwhip with a curved bone handle 26,000   No
On the shelf
Item Price Done
Guild Leader Paglar doll 2,000   !!
Guild Leader Kalika doll 2,000   !!
Guild Leader Tolle doll 2,000   !!
Guild Leader Marion doll 2,000   !!
Guild Leader Tomma doll 2,000   !!
Guild Leader Ievia doll 2,000   !!
On the jewelry case (which is on a rough wooden counter)
Item Price Done
brushed silver ring bearing the crest of the Ranger Guild 1,100   !!
onyx-inlaid steel ring bearing the crest of the Ranger Guild 4,500   !!
polished gold ring bearing the crest of the Ranger Guild 11,000   !!
wide platinum ring bearing the crest of the Ranger Guild 192,000   !!
emerald encrusted white gold ring bearing the crest of the Ranger Guild 30,000   !!
On the tray
Item Price Done
russet silk hair wrap tipped with pitted bronze acorns 3,000   !!
makeshift hair tie of braided sinew 300   !!
blackened steel barrette shaped like a broken twig 300   !!
delicate ivory hair combs carved into the shape of fishheads 1,200   !!
On the counter
Item Price Done
leather archer's cuff with the Ranger Guild crest hand-tooled across the back 1,000   !!
leather cuff embroidered with the words "No Ranger stands alone." 1,500   !!