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Graimairo Wares
Event Prydaen Culture Faire
Owner Rocha
# of Rooms 4
Store Type Music shops, Container shops, Clothing shops, Weapon shops, Prydaen shops, Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Graimairo Wares, Front Room]
Smooth cedar walls surround the thin rug that blankets the oak floor, a narrow door the only exit leading out of the simple wagon. A collection of shabby and broken down furniture displays a variety of wares for sale. Along the back wall, a thick curtain trimmed in fur hangs from an archway.
You also see a wooden crate, a felt-lined tray set atop a box with several things on it, a broken barrel, a large clothing bin flecked with bits of white paint, a rock pile with a few things on it and a broken stand with several things on it.
Obvious exits: none.

In the wooden crate
Item Price Done
small carved amulet hung from a length of braided silk 187   !!
carved pendant of a mouse clutched by a clawed hand 2,025   !!
wooden amulet painted with a black moth 2,667   !!
small charm bracelet with wooden beads 4,430   !!
wooden cuff marked with a paw print 5,692   
woven wristcuff marked with swirls of blues 6,955   !!
shadowy wrist bracer 8,217   !!
stylized disc marked with a golden sun 9,480   !!
thin leather necklace hung with a scarred fang 10,742   !!
trio of curled panthers suspended from a blackened chain 13,118   
"Each item in this crate is crafted with the intention of representing an age group among Kin."
On the felt-lined tray atop a box
Item Price Done
black gold triquetra band 250,000   !!
white gold cuff marked with three narrow rays 62,500   !!
circlet bearing a pair of blue gold crescent moons 625,000   !!
armband bearing a multi-rayed sun in yellow gold 62,500   
A small placard reads:
"Each item upon this tray has been crafted by the voice of Yeyaru Graimairo."
In the broken barrel
Item Price Done
spiked bola with polished steel tips 25,000   
serrated charovra - stack of 5 1250   
grooved predator's spear with a sturdy ironwood haft 3750   
In the large clothing bin flecked with bits of white paint
Item Price Done
pair of black pinstriped trousers - Becomes some fitted leggings and some tailored pants with wide cuffs 125,000   !!
thick brocade robe with turned cuffs - Becomes a dark sarrak with silver stitching and a heavily draped tunic with dagged sleeves 125,000   !!
linen sundress clasped with a stylized sun - Becomes a dark purple chmir belted by a braided silver rope and a folded wrap held at the shoulder by a stylized sun 125,000   !!
elegant silk shirt - Becomes a crisp mra'sin tied with a braided cord and a threadbare shirt with a torn hem 125,000   !!
thick boots laced with cording - Becomes some supple leather footwraps and some suede moccasins with leather straps 125,000   !!
sturdy canvas backpack with a torn flap - Becomes a dusty rucksack and a canvas pack with leather straps 125,000   !!
slender leather thigh bag - Becomes a discreet thigh sheath and a slim leather wallet 125,000   !!
bleached white burnoose - Becomes a hooded black wool cloak and a gold-trimmed white cape 125,000   !!
""The items in this bin are all reversible into two other similar items."
On the rock pile
Item Price Done
soft lava stone shaped like a sun 12,500   !!
crosshatched metal rasp shaped like a crescent moon 12,500   
stone claw sharpener shaped like a panther 6,250   !!
On the broken stand
Item Price Done
ceramic nguru painted with a detailed map of Elanthia 21,250   !!
cinnabar-rubbed ivory nguru 15,000   !!
intricately carved ramkie made of peregan wood 12,562   !!
square butternut ramkie with a polished femur neck 9,687   !!
plain rosewood sonajero with a single cymbal chamber 2,506   !!
skyfruit sonajero carved with triquetra symbols 7,506   !!
"The items on this stand are all instruments customary to Prydaen use."

A large fur-trimmed board stamped with the image of a speckled dragon reads:
                               ~~Roleta Yeyaru Graimairo~~

Yeyaru works by speaking to items and convincing them to change their appearance.  
He is currently unable to convince substances such as cambrinth, chakrel, or soulstone to listen to his words.  
Yeyaru will accept vouchers, but you must have your voucher with you along with any materials you wish to use.

(Area that alterations were done in)

[Graimairo Wares, Back Room]
Fragrant cedar walls look down on a bare oak floor. A few crates are stacked along one side of the area with a tarp of canvas thrown over them.
Obvious exits: east.

[Graimairo Wares, Back Room]
A thick rug of fur covers sturdy oaken floors surrounded by smooth cedar walls. A pair of cots along the east wall are neatly made and a series of crates smelling of raw foods sit nearby. A thick curtain trimmed in fur hangs from an archway.
Obvious exits: east, west.

[Graimairo Wares, Sleeping Area]
Draped with virid marblesilk, the eastern most wall brings a touch of the forest into the room that is boistered by the heady scent of cedar from the walls. A series of cots rest against the wall, each simple in its appearance and neatly made. A trio of trunks sit nearby, each marked with three narrow rays across the lid.
Obvious exits: west.