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Race Gnome
Gender Male
Guild Paladin
Instance Prime


You see Page Gnibbin, a Gnome Paladin.
Gnibbin has crystal green eyes. He has thinning platinum hair, with weathered skin.
He is young for a Gnome.
He has a short bristly mustache on his upper lip and a short prickly beard.

He is holding a longsword in his right hand and a target shield in his left.
He is wearing a chain shirt, some gauntlets, a branch-framed canvas knapsack, some homemade patchwork leggings, a rough leather tinker's sack, a scale aventail, some scale greaves and a visored helm.

Born on the 34th day of the 8th month of Skullcleaver the Dwarven Axe in the year of the Crystal Snow Hare, 349 years after the victory of Lanival the Redeemer.

General Information

Gnibbin was a hermit for most of his life. One day a small group of Prydaens happened upon him. They took pity on him and asked him to join them. Since then he has sworn to serve Pryde Rurlarada, currently as their page.

He decided to join the paladin guild so as to be able to better serve his adopted family.