Gilded Wave Souvenir Shop (2)

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The Gilded Wave, Souvenir Shop
Event Taisidon Safari 417, Taisidon Safari 420
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops, Container shops, Miscellaneous shops, Toy shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[The Gilded Wave, Souvenir Shop]
Polished cedar paneling lines the walls, filling the air with its fresh scent. Rich blue banners stitched with golden waves are suspended from the ceiling, just slightly higher than the head of the tallest races. A long counter holding souvenirs stands at one end of the room, next to a black iron spiral stairway. You also see a washtub, an explorer mannequin with several things on it, a shopper mannequin with several things on it and a sign.
Obvious exits: south.

A sign reads:
"Please specify which mannequin you wish to make a purchase off of, either the shopper or explorer. There will be no refunds for mistakenly purchased items."

On the long counter
Item Price Done
stuffed heggarangi boar 1,000   No
stuffed desumos 1,000   No
stuffed savannah bull 1,000   No
stuffed par'i heitak 1,000   No
stuffed durian beltunumshi 1,000   No
stuffed forest drake 1,000   No
stuffed void midge 1,000   No
stuffed white rat 1,000   No
stuffed zombie piranha 1,000   No
stuffed pirate zombie 1,000   No
stuffed river boa 1,000   No
stuffed giant thicket viper 1,000   No
stuffed cinnamon bear 1,000   No
stuffed shh'oi paguur 1,000   No
stuffed S'Kra Kor shaman 1,000   
stuffed black pard 1,000   No
stuffed mapha arzumos 1,000   No
In the washtub
Item Price Done
soft blue towel 1,500   No
tattered dirt-stained towel 750   No
fluffy white towel embroidered with a palm tree 2,000   No
On the explorer mannequin
Item Price Done
dusty-brown safari hat 1,000   
dusty-brown linen shirt with rolled-up sleeves 2,000   
heavy leather hiking boots with engraved steel buckles 1,500   !!
rugged tan canvas explorer's satchel 1,000   
double layer brown cotton pants 1,000   No
On the shopper mannequin
Item Price Done
wide-brimmed sun hat 1,000   No
short-cut linen pants with rolled-up cuffs 1,000   No
quilted suede sandals adorned with golden triangles 1,500   No
brightly colored shopping sack 1,000   No
light cotton shirt with golden buttons 2,000   No