Gift of the Tail

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Gift of the Tail
Event Theren Festival 2
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Jewelry shops, Magic shops, Prydaen shops, S'Kra Mur shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Gift of the Tail, Sales Floor]
The sales floor of this deceptively small wagon contains racks lined against every portion of the walls, each displaying fine pieces of armor. The glitter of steel combines with the sharp smell of new leather. All items seem to be in pristine condition, created and cared for by master smiths. You also see the wagon exit and an important notice. Obvious exits: none.

An important notice reads:
"All body armor can only be worn by tailed races. If you do not have a tail and you buy it 
anyway, there are no refunds." 
On the steel rack
Item Price Done
dark combat leathers painted with rivulets of fiery red lava 25,000   !!
pure white hunting leathers with the image of Peri'el upon the breast 25,000   No
suit of golden chain mail with vipers proudly emblazoned on the shoulders 35,000   No
dark green chain mail studded with brown spikes along the shoulders 35,000   No
On the oaken rack
Item Price Done
regal chain gauntlets with shifting links of gold and purple 2,500   !!
black taloned gauntlets made to resemble a snake's shifting scales 2,250   !!
black leather helm shaped into a snake's visage 1,980   !!
green leather helm which looks vaguely like a cobra 1,320   No