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Race Elothean
Gender Male
Guild Moon Mage
Instance Prime

Military Life

Military background solely in Therengia province. Originally recruited by Barola and Diarik of the Therengian Cavalry. Joined as a Sgt to work under Lt Valcer of Outriders. Some felt he unfairly earned the higher-ranked Sgt badge merely due to his high standing in the Moon Mage guild. Valcer soon abandoned his position as lead of Outriders in anger of not be allowed a badge of Commander. Unfortunately for Valcer, the badge setup changed shortly after and his old position became equivalent to Commander. Gniloi, Ardale and Zrxa agreed to let Ghodbane take Valcer's position and run Outriders with badge of Commander.

With Valcer's departure, Outriders grew into a different unit. Ghodbane's vision differed from that of Gwenddolyn's, the leader of Therengian Cavalry. This led to distrust between the two. Still, the unit thrived despite the tension. With the help of his two Lts Zrxa and Gniloi, the Outriders recruited new members, started their own version of an Archery Contest, dug up numerous info from Veyne's plots, forged alliances with various factions, ran group hunts to far away locales and assisted royalty with transportation.

His leadership took a turn for the worst when his badge timed out and Gwenddolyn refused to rebadge him. Ghodbane was ready to re-earn the badge in whatever way possible, until his Sgt Kyarra passed away. The grief proved too much and he gave up. Knowing his old Lt Zrxa now had the burden of taking control of his faltering unit, Ghodbane decided to take a Lt badge in Outriders to help out. Ghodbane felt loyal to the Baron, and will do what he must for the province.

Not much changed under the new management as Ghodbane basically acted as the Commander even without the badge. This did not last long and he eventually let Zrxa handle things as he saw fit. Zrxa found difficulty in managing some of the requests from his boss while trying to maintain the unit from collapsing. Ghodbane became more and more disillusioned with the unit and felt ready to leave. Poor morale caused Zrxa to decide to retire once his badge ran out. Both of their badges timed out and they left the Cavalry together.

Aside from a few requests from Theregian units, Ghodbane has taken a leave of absence from local militias. He's considered a possibility of joining his old buddy Zrxa who has teamed up with The Northern Watch Brigade.


Odd occurances in his mannerisms have made people wonder what got into Ghodbane. He hasn't been around as much and when he does show up he acts differently. Ask him to sit down if you find him to be acting too strange for your liking. He finds it much easier to think like his old self that way. He personally claims he is researching immortality by ways of separating his memories and thoughts apart from his body. This, he mentions, allows for something else to inhabit his body when he is not actively controlling it. Most blame the fallout of the Baron's Outriders and the manastorms caused by Lyras' necromancy to be wrecking his mind. Either way, he's fully functional and has no signs of going crazy.

Brief Knowledge

-Retired from the Moon Mage guild at circle 100 when the outbreak of teleologic sorcery took hold of his many colleagues. He continues to use what he learned, but refuses to advance further in the ranks and rarely attends Moon Mage related events. Recently he has been acknowledging the guild hasn't gone under since the outbreak and is beginning to rejoin his guildmates again.

-Teased for his skinny body and shinny, beautiful, bald head.

-Apprenticed many people in the past. Some he is proud of, others ashamed over.


The player lives in a bad timezone for prime time and unfortunately gets overworked at his job. He does still play, just when most people aren't around.