Genie weather logging triggers

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These triggers capture and log weather messaging to the Weather window.

Required Genie Settings

If you don't already have a Weather window, you will need to create one.

  1. In Genie, go to Edit -> Configuration.
  2. Click the Windows tab.
  3. Click Add.
  4. Where it says "Title," type Weather.
  5. Select the Font and Window Color you want.
  6. Where it says "Redirect If Closed," choose (disabled).
  7. Check "Time Stamp Output."
  8. Do not check "Name List Only."
  9. Click Apply.
  10. Click Save, and name it default.layout.
  11. Click OK.
  12. Close the Configuration menu.
  13. In Genie, go to Windows -> Weather.
  14. Position the window where you like it.
  15. Go to Layout -> Save Default Layout.


#trigger {^(A few fluffy clouds move into the sky.|A few clouds drift by, obscuring the stars as they pass.|A few clouds drift past, partially obscuring the stars.|A few cold, grey clouds drift into the sky.|Large, grey clouds slowly cover the skies.|More clouds drift in, obscuring most of the stars.|More clouds move in above, almost obscuring the sky completely.|Most of the clouds above drift away on a chill winter breeze.|Most of the clouds blow away on a cool, gentle breeze.|Most of the clouds drift away to reveal a fine expanse of stars.|Most of the clouds drift away to reveal starry skies.|Now and then, a glimmer of sunlight fights its way through the occluding layers of heavy cloud.|The clouds break slightly, revealing a few twinkling stars.|The clouds part slightly to reveal patches of blue sky.|The clouds part slightly, revealing a few twinkling stars.|The last few clouds drift away to reveal a sky full of twinkling stars.|The last few clouds drift away, leaving a fine expanse of stars.|The last few clouds in the sky above slowly drift away.|The last of the grey clouds drift away to reveal a crisp blue sky.|The last of the stars above disappears behind a thick sheaf of clouds.|The last of the stars disappear behind a bank of grey clouds.|The last of the stars disappear behind a thick bank of clouds.)} {#echo >Weather $0}
#trigger {^(A light snow is falling.|A thick bank of clouds obscures the heavens.|A thick bank of grey clouds fills the sky from horizon to horizon.|Dark clouds of grey obscure most of the stars above.|It's a blizzard!|Snow is falling steadily.|The night winter sky is a crisp, clear, starry black.|The sky has a few cold, grey clouds lurking in its heights.|The sky is a sharp, clear blue.|The sky is nearly filled with cold, grey clouds.|The starry skies above are marred by a few dark clouds.)} {#echo >Weather $0}
#trigger {^(Feathery streamers of high gossamer clouds race swiftly towards the horizon, fleeing the stern gaze of the sun.|The dusky gold image of the sun seems a watery mirage as it wavers in shimmering ripples of heat reflected from the ground.|A dazzling sapphire sky frames the blazing jewel of the golden sun.|The blazing sun turns crystalline skies incandescent with shimmering bands of translucent heat.|The unbroken expanse of azure sky allows no relief from the torrid touch of the burning sun.|The fitful wind smudges the sky in a rainbow of prismatic colors almost obscuring the sun in a cloak of dust and sand.|A few determined sunbeams flicker through the pervasive haze, of the dusty air.|Swirled sand dances to the wild melody of the wind under the blazing bronze heat of the obscured sun.|Delicate tracings of dust swirls streak the harsh blue sky, softening the edges of the sun's glare.|A faint dust veil shrouds the sun in a hazy glow, intensifying the sweltering heat.|Thousands of diamond pointed stars glitter brilliantly in an exceptionally clear sky.|A light purple haze only accentuates the soft sparkle of starlight.|A low haze of swirling sand obstructs most of the night sky.|Harsh clouds of gritty sand obscure all but a few lucky stars.|The thick dust in the air creates prisms casting sudden glorious rainbows that paint the lands with the colors of the gods.|A multitude of stars twinkle from the velvet night sky, their clear light warding the soul from the odd chill of the night air.|The wind shifts slightly, chilling the night air with a death kiss.|Chill fingers of night breezes tap grittily over flesh in an abrasive caress.|Biting bits of grit and sand are flung by the malicious wind, blurring the edges of your suddenly impaired and watering vision.)} {#echo >Weather $0}
#trigger {^(Light rain begins to fall from the sky.|A light rain begins to patter down from above.|The rain begins to come down even more heavily.|The rain falls harder and is now a heavy downpour.|The rain increases in severity and is now a severe downpour.|The steady rains turn into a driving storm.|The storm increases in strength to a ferocious squall.|The heavy rains lessen to a steady shower.|The rain slackens off to a heavy downpour.|The steady rains lessen to a light, misty drizzle.|The rain stops, leaving only an overcast sky.|It's raining steadily.|It is drizzling.)} {#echo >Weather $0}
#trigger {^(Light snow begins to fall from the sky.|The snow begins to fall more heavily.|The snowfall grows very heavy.|The snow increases in severity and is now a blizzard.|The snow slackens somewhat.|The snow slacks off to a moderate flurry.|The snow lessens to a light flurry.|The snow stops, leaving only an overcast sky of grey.)} {#echo >Weather $0}
#trigger {^(The autumn sky above is a bright, cheery blue.|Thousands of stars twinkle merrily from clear autumn skies.|A light autumn rain patters to the earth around you.)} {#echo >Weather $0}
#trigger {^(The sun plays hide-and-seek with the many clouds in the sky as it rises higher in the east.|Dancing from one cloud to another, the sun wends its way towards evening.|Night slowly turns into day as the horizon appears faintly under feeble light.|The rising sun slowly fights its way through a heavy blanket of clouds, bringing a wan light to chase the darkness.|The sun rises in a crisp, clear blue sky, heralding another fine day.|The sun slowly pokes its way through soft blankets of clouds as it sleepily rises to create the new day.|The sun climbs higher into the clear sky, bringing with it a pure, clear light that sharpens everything you see with a crystal clarity.|The sun arrives at its zenith, a triumphant warrior proud and fierce in an empty sky.|The sun crests the endless mountain of the cloud-covered heavens almost seeming to gaze longingly at the world below as it pauses momentarily at its zenith.|A few scattered clouds reflect the warm glow of the sun as it descends towards its rest.|As the day wanes, the sun begins its long trudge towards its home and the sweet comfort of night.|Grey clouds fill the sky as the day turns towards evening and the sun continues its journey into night.|A thick layer of clouds takes on a deep grey glow as the sun rises behind it.\s+A cold grey light slowly creeps across the sky.|Long streamers of clouds turn shades of salmon and umber as the sun nears the horizon.|The sun nears the far horizon as the clear blue sky deepens into a rich indigo.|The sun sinks below the horizon, turning the clear sky a thousand shades of ever-deepening blue as the day fades into night.|The sun vanishes behind a multicolored splendor of clouds as night slowly drapes its starry banner across the skies.|Thick banks of clouds make way for their overlord, the sun, as it descends towards evening.|What little light the sun can force through the endless clouds begins to fade as the day begins drawing to a close.|The day flows on into evening as the sun, poking now and then through heavy clouds, descends.|Streamers of white clouds form a gentle carpet for the sun as it mounts its throne high in the noontime sky.|Thin streamers of cloud float in a mostly clear sky as the sun rises high above them.|A cloud-ridden sky hides all but the faintest hint of the rising sun.\s+Dim grey light devoid of color or warmth creeps across the land, diluting the dark but not quite chasing it away.)} {#echo >Weather $0}
#trigger {^(Thick clouds above obscure nearly all of the stars.|A few white clouds float lazily in the sky above.|It's quite cloudy and a bit muggy.|A few fluffy white clouds drift into the sky above.|A few scattered clouds drift in the night skies above.|A light rain patters silently down from dark skies above.|A thick bank of clouds obscures nearly all of the sky above.|The sky is completely covered with clouds.|Thick clouds above obscure nearly all of the stars.|It's raining heavily.|It's raining a downpour.|A steady rain falls from dark skies above.|Dark clouds obscure the night sky above.)} {#echo >Weather $0}