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  • Fixed a spacing issue with level 17/23.


  • Fixed a spacing issue with level 17/23.


  • Updated to scale provided by GM Kodius.[1]


  • Added new messaging for harmless (0 damage) hits; fixed errors in scale.


#subs {(a|an) (benign|brushing|gentle|glancing|grazing|harmless|ineffective|skimming) (blow|hit|strike)} {$1 $2 (0/23) $3} {combat}
#subs {a light hit} {a light hit (1/23)} {combat}
#subs {a good hit} {a good hit (2/23)} {combat}
#subs {a good strike} {a good strike (3/23)} {combat}
#subs {a solid hit} {a solid hit (4/23)} {combat}
#subs {a hard hit} {a hard hit (5/23)} {combat}
#subs {a strong hit} {a strong hit (6/23)} {combat}
#subs {a heavy strike} {a heavy strike (7/23)} {combat}
#subs {a very heavy hit} {a very heavy hit (8/23)} {combat}
#subs {an extremely heavy hit} {an extremely heavy hit (9/23)} {combat}
#subs {a powerful strike} {a powerful strike (10/23)} {combat}
#subs {a massive strike} {a massive strike (11/23)} {combat}
#subs {an awesome strike} {an awesome strike (12/23)} {combat}
#subs {a vicious strike} {a vicious strike (13/23)} {combat}
#subs {an earth-shaking strike} {an earth-shaking strike (14/23)} {combat}
#subs {a demolishing hit} {a demolishing hit (15/23)} {combat}
#subs {a spine-rattling strike} {a spine-rattling strike (16/23)} {combat}
#subs {a devastating hit(?! \(That'll leave a mark!\))} {a devastating hit (17/23)} {combat}
#subs {a devastating hit \(That'll leave a mark!\)} {a devastating hit (That'll leave a mark!) (18/23)} {combat}
#subs {an overwhelming strike} {an overwhelming strike (19/23)} {combat}
#subs {an obliterating hit} {an obliterating hit (20/23)} {combat}
#subs {an annihilating strike} {an annihilating strike (21/23)} {combat}
#subs {a cataclysmic strike} {a cataclysmic strike (22/23)} {combat}
#subs {an apocalyptic strike} {an apocalyptic strike (23/23)} {combat}


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