Genie communication aliases and macros

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Here is a set of aliases and macros that I use for speaking, whispering, and thinking. The aliases allow you to set variables, which the macros will type for you.

Instructions/Sample Usage

Once you have installed the aliases and macros (see below), use the aliases to set your variables and then the macros to talk.

For example, if you typed COMM ISHARON, that would set the variables for speaking, whispering, and thinking to Isharon. Then using your macros would do the following, leaving room for you to type your message at the end:

  • alt+Z: '}Isharon
  • F9: whisper Isharon
  • shift+F9: OOC Isharon
  • alt+I: send Isharon
  • ctrl+alt+I: send Isharon OOC:

If you don't want to change all three variables at once (for example, you are speaking to Isharon but thinking to Sarkranis), you can use the individual variable aliases to set them independently.

Required Genie Settings

The easiest way to add these settings is to log out, close Genie, and edit your aliases.cfg and macros.cfg files with Notepad or another text editor.


#alias {comm} {#var speak $1;#var think $1;#var whisper $1}
#alias {spe} {#var speak $1}
#alias {wh} {#var whisper $1}
#alias {thi} {#var think $1}


#macro {Z, Alt} {\\x;'\}$speak @}
#macro {F9} {\\x;whisper $whisper @}
#macro {F9, Shift} {\\x;OOC $whisper @}
#macro {F9, Control} {\\x;whisper group @}
#macro {F9, Alt} {\\x;OOC group @}
#macro {I, Alt} {\\x;send $think @}
#macro {I, Control, Alt} {\\x;send $think OOC: @}