Gar Rae Raenaden

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The Gar Rae Raenaden, or the Baron's Right Hand, is a position held in the Therengian Court.

From the book Morzindaen of Therengia:

Trigomas is one of the most respected Therengian Houses, with a history dating back to ancient times. Traditionally, the Gar Rae Raenaden is raised from Morzindu Trigomas, adding to the power of the House. Trigomas rules over the bulk of the Ker'Leor Mountains and so is instrumental in guarding the western approaches to the capital, as the keep looks over the sole navigable pass through the mountains. The House's crest is the image of a golden ram's head encircled by ivy vines above a gauntlet forming a fist, on a field of forest green. Their motto is "Feas ia lyba rae keraen." Currently led by Lord Paragon Larohald Trigomas, the Gar Rae Raenaden.