Gadelica's Riches for the Reverent (4)

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Gadelica's Riches for the Reverent
Event Temple Reopening
Owner Gadelica
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Clothing shops, Jewelry shops, Cleric shops
This store only accepts Kronars

room #1

On the walnut stand
Item Price Done
pilgrim's badge ?   
On the clothes hooks
Item Price Done
holy pilgrim's robe ?   No
scarlet wedding cassock ?   No
fringed prayer shawl ?   No
simple ritual robe ?   No
monk's robe ?   No
dove grey robes ?   No
malcis robe ?   No
On the silver tray
Item Price Done
wedding cup ?   
On the ladder-back chair
Item Price Done
deeply-cowled monk's robe ?   No

room #2

On the low shelf
Item Price Done
black velvet viol case ?   
snakewood convex bow ?   
ivory drum stick ?   
drum stick ?   
In the bell case
Item Price Done
matte black porcelain bell with images of four ravens in bas-relief ?   No
blackened silver bell shaped as a curled sleeping panther ?   No
tiny gold bell shaped as a roaring lion ?   No
tiny pewter bell shaped as a shrew ?   No
tiny crystal bell etched with the image of a rising phoenix ?   No
small blown-glass bell shaped as a fat perched wren ?   
small porcelain bell painted with a splashing dolphin ?   No
tiny silver bell shaped as a dozing dove ?   No
gleaming bronze bell shaped as a plump magpie ?   No
gold-washed bell shaped as a rearing unicorn ?   No
small silver cloisonne bell fashioned as a sleeping cat ?   No
On the felt-padded table
Item Price Done
ebony lyra viol ?   
glass flute ?   No
rosewood walking stick flute ?   
clay whistle in the shape of a dog ?   No
clay whistle in the shape of a turtle ?   No
clay whistle in the shape of a bird ?   
bronze carnyx with the bell in the shape of a open-mouthed ram ?   
ceremonial Mer'Kresh moon shell horn ?   
necklace of bird-bone flutes ?   
jade-banded txistu ?   
burlwood bandoura ?   No
polished treble viol ?   No
copper ritual drum ?   
silk-stringed pyi-pya ?   

room #3

In the display case
Item Price Done
crosier with a carved hook ?   No
carved ivory prayer beads ?   No
On the bookcase
Item Price Done
booklet bound in white leather ?   
booklet bound in natural leather ?   
booklet bound in smooth grey leather ?   No
booklet bound in blue-black leather ?   No