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Wolfjaw Ironbeard
Status: Alive
Aliases: Gabe Ironbeard
Guild: Barbarian
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Location: Wolf Clan (Ranik Map 5)
Relatives: Suza, Cormyn


A Human Barbarian who is Chieftain of Wolf Clan. Wolfjaw is married to Suza, the daughter of Cormyn of Cormyn's House of Heirlooms.

Upon completing his rituals of manhood, young Gabe Ironbeard returned home to Wolf Clan with the jawbone of a wolf of substantial size as a trophy. He quickly rose through the ranks of the Clan to become the old Chieftan's lieutenant. It was said that no man could match him in combat, and his weapon of choice was the jawbone of the wolf.

A few years later, Gabe, as part of a scouting party along with the Chieftan, helped to defeat a raiding party of Gor'Togs and rescue Suza, whom they had abducted. He was the only survivor from the scouting party. Gabe became known as Wolfjaw Ironbeard and ascended to the position of Chieftan.

His story is detailed in the book "Trefan Ulf - The Wolf Clan Home (book)."