Functional Fashions (1)

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Functional Fashions
Event Theren Festival 2
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops, Weapon shops, Container shops, Thief shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Functional Fashions, Front Room]
A decorative set of shelving is displayed in the center of the room. Most of the interior light seems pointed in this direction, offering an excellent view of the merchandise. You can't help but notice however, that this has left most of the corners and edges of the room in shadow. A squat table leans against the left hand wall, while an archway to the right leads to the back room of the wagon. You also see an exit door.
Obvious exits: none.

On the belt rack
Item Price Done
low-slung leather hip belt 1,200   
belt braided from dark cloth 560   
thick belt of tooled leather 2,100   
On the hooks
Item Price Done
three-quarter length black velvet cloak 16,000   
On the middle shelf
Item Price Done
lightweight raw silk shirt 9,600   
nightsilk shirt with dark buttons 20,000   
quilted spidersilk bodice 26,000   
In the small basket
Item Price Done
small tooled leather thigh bag 800   
spidersilk hip purse 2,100   
petite leather belt satchel 2,400   
On the stacked crates
Item Price Done
pair of quilted suede boots 1,800   No
pair of soft-soled shoes 1,400   !!
pair of plain leather calf-high boots 1,700   No
On the top shelf
Item Price Done
pair of loose pants 600   
baggy trousers 1,200   
grey steelsilk leggings 12,000   
tailored pants that flare slightly at the knee 7,200   !!
pair of well-made light brown cotton slacks 1,200   !!
scarlet nightsilk trumpet skirt 50,000   
On the squat table
Item Price Done
thin leather gloves 1,800   No
pair of leather gauntlets with suede palms 1,900   !!
On the wall rack - Thief Only
Item Price Done
carved mahogany short bow 7,500   !!
well-used longbow fashioned of yew heartwood 5,600   No
On the short table - Thief Only
Item Price Done
small silk bag 1,200   
tiny arm sheath 500   !!
tooled thigh sheath 1,200   
small blackened case 1,200   
dark blue leather case 2,500   
painted lockpick case 3,200   !!