Frown command

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Emotive command to express sadness. Can be used with established options or can be used with freeform emotive text.


FROWN [player|critter|item]
FROWN <option> [player|critter|item]
FROWN <emote>

Valid options are: angry, sad, forlorn, solemn, ferocious, stern, and petulant.

Frowns as Actions

Frown can also be used like ACT to create "custom verbs."

>frown briefly and shakes her head.
<Person> frowns briefly and shakes her head.


Command Messaging
Frown <Person> frowns.
Frown <Item/Critter> <Person> frowns at <item/critter>.
Frown <Self> <Person> frowns at (himself/herself).
Frown Angry <Person> frowns angrily.
Frown Sad <Person> frowns sadly.
Frown Forlorn <Person> frowns forlornly.
Frown Solemn <Person> frowns solemnly.
Frown Ferocious <Person> frowns ferociously.
Frown Stern <Person> frowns sternly.
Frown Petulant <Person> frowns petulantly.

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