Flower Gazebo

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Flower Gazebo
Event Spring Promotion 2020
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Jewelry shops, Shield shops, Clothing shops, Food shops, Drink shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Flower Gazebo]
The small gazebo's simple exterior belies the colorful extravagance that lies within. One wall displays a skillfully painted mural of cheerful daffodils and irises growing on a grassy field. The remaining walls are inlaid with panels of an iridescent material that looks a little like oyster shells. Floor and wall vases hold bouquets of fresh blossoms that are lit by tiny twinkling crystals.
You also see a clothing rack with several things on it, an elegantly carved table with several things on it, a glass accessory case, a large ceramic vase with a handwritten sign on it, a refreshment cart with several things on it and a door.
Obvious exits: none.

A handwritten sign reads:
Fresh flowers!!  These flowers will quickly fade and die, so enjoy them while they last.
In the ceramic vase
Item Price Done
branch of lavender wisteria 61   
delicate pink carnation 47   
creamy white gardenia 66   
sunny yellow orlana 70   
bright yellow daffodil 57   
moonlight pink rose 70   
dark purple glaysker 51   
In the accessory case
Item Price Done
calla lily earrings with pearl accents 844   !!
twisted silver circlet twined with enameled ivy and morning glories 3,750   No
earrings with tiny enameled purple violets 703   No
tapestry knapsack decorated with moonlight pink roses on a deep green background 938   No
satchel with blue crewelwork morning glories trimmed with a blue and white silk braid 1,125   
carved blue agate unicorn cameo brooch framed in gold 1,407   
blue topaz butterfly pin bejeweled with garnets and pearls 20,625   No
enchanting silver wildflower bangle 2,813   No
On the carved table
Item Price Done
crespine dappled with white and pink silk cherry blossoms 469   No
crown of lavender blue silk irises 422   No
tiny forget-me-nots made from sapphire silk strung together in a wristlet 305   
circlet of blue silk morning glories 422   No
delicate anklet of yellow silk daisies 399   No
On the clothing rack
Item Price Done
pale pink gossamer gown embroidered with white calla lilies 1,407   No
long white silk skirt embroidered with a row of morning glories along its hem 1,125   No
tapestry vest depicting a lush meadow scene woven in vibrant green hues 844   No
peasant blouse made from bright yellow silk dyed the color of sunny daffodils 844   No
creamy white silk tunic edged with a border of embroidered golden unicorns along the hem and sleeves 1,125   
straw bonnet brightened with festive daisies and berries around its hatband 750   No
crushed velvet hat festooned with red rosebuds 703   No
On the refreshment cart
Item Price Done
iced chamomile tea 0   
sparkling rose water 0   
sugar-dipped starflowers 0   
candied violets 0