Flight of Hand (2)

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Flight of Hand
Event Festival of the Boar 419
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Juggling shops, Weapon shops
This store only accepts Dokoras
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[Flight of Hand, Entrance]
The walls of this very high-ceilinged tent are made out of crushed velvet of an off-white color, held up by a massive pole. Occasionally, customers come through, testing out their juggling with varying amounts of success. Numerous pockmarks line the dirt floor, indicating that the area sees quite a bit of foot traffic. You also see a plain wooden table with several things on it, a small silver stand with several things on it and the tent flap.
Obvious exits: north, northeast.

On the wooden table
Item Price Done
white ivory spheres - 15 stones 7,216   
large crystal spheres - 20 stones 10,824   
heavy marble spheres - 25 stones 13,530   
polished iron spheres - 25 stones 13,530   
smooth glass pebbles - 1 stone 721   
small glass spheres - 5 stones 1,804   
smooth glass spheres - 10 stones 2,706   
smooth onyx spheres - 15 stones 4,510   
juggling items
On the silver stand
Item Price Done
large glass spheres - 30 stones 18,040   
heavy crystal spheres - 30 stones 18,040   
black marble spheres - 35 stones 22,550   
polished platinum spheres - 35 stones 54,120   
solid silver spheres - 40 stones 36,080   
heavy granite spheres - 40 stones 45,100   
weighted glass spheres - 45 stones 27,060   
heavy lead spheres - 50 stones 63,140   
solid gold spheres - 50 stones 135,300   
juggling items

[Flight of Hand, Back of Tent]
Although this corner of the tent is filled with storage, everything is neat and tidy in its proper place. A couple of carpets are laid out on the floor, covered with elegant patterns. Nearby, the single pole holding up the tent's canopy is covered with images of people juggling. You also see a large deobar crate with several things on it, a round metal table with several things on it and a wooden barrel.
Obvious exits: southeast, south.

On the deobar crate
Item Price Done
miniature steel broadswords - 45 stones 90,200   
set of long serrated blades - 35 stones 99,220   No
miniature talon blades - 15 stones 135,300   
small silver daggers - 25 stones 90,200   
gleaming copper knives - 25 stones 72,160   
weighted steel stilettos - 40 stones 99,220   
blackened silver knives - 20 stones 108,240   
juggling items
On the metal table
Item Price Done
steel throwing hammer with a handle shaped like a unicorn horn - heavy thrown/heavy blunt (60 stones) 2,706   !!!!
dark steel throwing hammer carved with polished skulls - heavy thrown/heavy blunt (60 stones) 3,157   
ebony throwing club reinforced with iron bands - light thrown/light blunt (40 stones) 4,510   !!!!
ironwood throwing club wrapped with a spiraling leather band - light thrown/light blunt (40 stones) 4,510   
dark steel blades - light thrown/light edged (5 stones), x5 1,082   No
silvery blades - light thrown/light edged (5 stones), x5 1,082   No
polished throwing blades - light thrown/light edged (5 stones), x5 1,082   !!!!
throwing weapons
In the wooden barrel
Item Price Done
slim silver throwing dagger with a carved wooden hilt 18,040   !!!!
wide steel throwing dagger etched with blackened lines 27,060   !!!!
blackened steel throwing dagger with a silver hilt 22,550   !!!!
polished silver dagger with a six-rayed star ruby set in its pommel 36,080   !!!!
slender silver throwing blade embossed with stylized hearts 18,040   !!!!
elegant throwing blade with a carved ebony hilt 22,550   !!!!
copper throwing blade adorned with a hawk-shaped crossguard 18,040   !!!!
light thrown/light edged (10 stones)

[Flight of Hand, Alcove]
With a lower and more heavily sloped ceiling than the rest of the shop, the off-white velvet making up the tent shimmers slightly in the glow of several gaethzen orbs. Wares are spread out beneath a large image of a golden dragon with its wings unfurled, which is embroidered into the eastern wall. You also see a simple wooden table with several things on it, a small silver sign, a velvet-draped silverwood counter with several things on it and a simple ebony stand with several things on it.
Obvious exits: southwest, northwest.

On the wooden table
Item Price Done
miniature cotton trees - 15 stones 2,706   No
oversized blunt arrowheads - 10 stones 1,804   
oversized Imperial diras - 15 stones 4,510   No
large satin cigarillos - 2 stones 3,608   No
oversized golden rings - 15 stones 7,216   No
sealed glass bottles - 25 stones 902   
elegant crystal vials - 3 stones 9,020   
juggling items
On the silverwood counter
Item Price Done
grey velvet wolves - 10 stones 2,706   No
tiny satin kittens - 5 stones 3,157   No
plush satin roses - 5 stones 4,510   No
colorful weighted scarves - 1 stone 2,706   No
large nightsilk shadowlings - 20 stones 18,040   No
miniature throw pillows - 15 stones 13,530   No
plush sequined dragons - 1 stone 4,510   
stuffed cotton turtles - 1 stone 4,510   No
juggling items
On the ebony stand
Item Price Done
rough marble statues - 30 stones 27,060   No
heavy ironwood clubs - 50 stones 18,040   !!
heavy satin cubes - 35 stones 27,060   No
large wine bottles filled with colorful sand - 45 stones 36,080   No
oversized plush apples - 35 stones 27,060   No
large sandstone rocks - 40 stones 9,020   No
miniature velvet zombies - 30 stones 36,080   No
juggling items