Fists' of Heaven Eruptions

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The eruption of the Greater and Lesser Fists of Heaven, in the year 410, which destroyed the Crystal Hand Fortress.


A titanic crack seems to shake the world, staggering you.

A pair of massive fireballs rockets into the sky, painting the sky a blood-red crimson. The fiery clouds grow and evolve, edged in shifting shadows. A few moments later, a massive shockwave impacts you, the god-like blow nearly crushing you to the ground. A vast roaring fills your ears, your whole body vibrating with the fury of the Fists' eruption!

The conflagration continues to grow and change, dozens of massive burning cinders falling from the fiery clouds. The vast roaring goes on and on, rattling your teeth in your jaw.

Roiling black clouds move in above you, bringing with them the harsh smell of ash and soot. Before long, the sky is completely covered -- nothing but ash and smoke is visible from horizon to horizon.

The irritating roar of the wind settles into a low, mournful moan.

A gust of hot wind rushes through the area, so strong you almost lose your balance.