Fin and Tin's Glass Workshop

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Fin and Tin's Glass Workshop
Festival Feast of Eluned 2
Owner Fin, Tin
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Juggling shops, Housing shops, Miscellaneous shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Fin and Tin's Glass Workshop]
Inside this great, bubble-like sphere is a glistening shop of fine glass artistry, dazzling under the large gaethzen chandelier in the center of the dome. Even the flooring is made out of frosted glass, as well as the blackened counters. To one side of the room, a pair of Merelew brothers work beside an eerie blue fire, making items before one's eyes. Standing near a doorway leading to a smaller sphere is a group of customers who have lined up to try their own hands at the craft. You also see a blackened glass counter with some stuff on it, a peachblow glass depiction of a coral reef with some stuff on it, a curved cobalt glass table with some stuff on it, a velvet-lined ruby glass basket, and a glass archway.
Obvious exits: west.

In the ruby glass basket
Item Price Done
slag glass sharks 1,250   No
glass juggling spheres 1,250   No
marbleized glass eggs 1,250   No
peachblow glass starfish 1,250   No
cobalt blue dolphins 1,250   No
On the coral reef
Item Price Done
cobalt blue gillie with clear bubble glass eyes 1,187   No
opalescent jellyfish with water glass tentacles 625   No
cloud glass blowfish with gold-ruby eyes 1,250   No
milk glass unicorn-whale with a golden horn 1,500   No
brown slag glass char with silver detailing 1,000   No
malachite glass eel with a painted black scowl 1,000   No
carnival glass trout with baleful yellow eyes 1,000   No
jade glass sea turtle with lime-green flippers 1,250   No
taffelberry glass starfish 1,500   No
opaque orange and white striped clownfish with clear bubble glass eyes 1,250   No
On the cobalt glass table
Item Price Done
A note reads:
The vases and baskets on this table are lined with a fine glass mesh to prevent your floral arrangements from becoming dislodged from their positions, regardless of turbulence. It is, therefore, impossible to house anything but stems and blossoms within these glass art pieces.
amber cloud glass basket 1,250   No
elongated cobalt glass basket 1,250   No
peachblow basket with a curled handle 937   No
violet glass basket painted with blue lotuses 1,250   No
white frosted glass basket with a twisted handle 1,187   
ivory and amber spatter glass vase 1,250   No
hobnail milk vase 750   No
kelp-green clouded vase with a delicate crimped edge 1,250   No
footed brown crackle glass vase ?   No
violet and blue striated tulip vase ?   No
cranberry rose bowl 937   No
creamy peachblow rose bowl 937   No
jade glass rose bowl 937   No
cobalt rose bowl 937   No
frosted rose bowl 937   No

A small sign reads:
These glass samples are for purchase for customers wishing to try their own hands at glass blowing in the adjacent room. 
Be forewarned, the unenchanted fires that are you are accustomed to above the sea are not efficient enough to sculpt the custom glasses we have provided.

In the sampler tray on the glass counter
Item Price Done
lump of peachblow glass 187   No
lump of clear glass 218   No
lump of opal glass 250   No
lump of green glass 312   No
lump of cobalt glass 375   No
lump of carnival glass 500   No
lump of violet glass 625   No
lump of ruby glass 1,250   No
lump of custard glass 62   No
lump of milk glass 125   No

[Fin and Tin's Glass Workshop, Back Sphere]
This second, slightly cramped glass bubble consists simply of a smaller blue fire, kept at temperature by a watchful apprentice wearing a belt with tools of the trade. He nods to adventurous souls as they come in, ready to risk their fingers for a chance to learn the fascinating trade of glass blowing. <br /You also see a cold water bucket burned with the words, "Attempt at your own risk!", a glassblower apprentice, and a sign.<br / Obvious exits: east.

A sign reads:
If you want to start a new project, ask the apprentice about the SHAPES available for you to learn.