Field Fashion (1)

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Field Fashion
Event Hollow Eve Festival 443
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Clothing shops
This store only accepts Kronars


[Field Fashion, Not-Really-Skirts]
Palm fronds cover the walls, providing partial cover from the elements. The raised floor is sanded teak planks which support a variety of racks and stands for the merchandise.
You also see a screened door.
Obvious exits: northeast, northwest.

birch rack
Item Price Done
plain slate grey wool kilt 62,500   
brown and tan tweed kilt with black topstitching 62,500   
subdued deep brown cashmere kilt with khaki pinstripes 62,500   
russet-dyed leather kilt with pewter buckles 62,500   
dark grey homespun kilt with iron buckles 37,500   

pine stand
Item Price Done
black and red plaid kilt 62,500   
green and blue plaid wool kilt 62,500   
yellow and orange striped camlet kilt 1,750,000   
cobalt and lavender striped dergatine kilt 3,000,000   
dove grey dragonar kilt with gold buckles 8,750,000   
gold-dyed snakeskin kilt with enameled purple buckles 9,375,000   
tooled black leather kilt with silver buckles 62,500   

Long Things That Might Trip You

[Field Fashion, Long Things That Might Trip You]
Instead of palm frond walls, the room is enclosed with louvered panels that help to keep the elements out without impeding air flow. The merchandise is displayed on counters and tables.
Obvious exits: east, southeast.

walnut counter
Item Price Done
crimson wool robe with long sleeves 62,500   
moss-green linen caftan with a keyhole neckline 62,500   
peacock blue cashmere cassock trimmed with ermine 312,500   
starlight velvet cassock lined with black silk 7,375,000   
Gemfire velvet cassock trimmed with white silk ribbon 12,625,000   
dragonfire brocade robe with long wide sleeves 12,625,000   

maple table
Item Price Done
mustard yellow homespun robe with a high neckline 12,500   
khaki muslin caftan trimmed with black braid 50,000   
pale yellow lawn caftan with floral embroidery 75,000   
emerald icesilk robe with a standing collar 875,000   
mottled blue deathfiber cassock with black embroidery 875,000   
pale lavender eolienne burnoose trimmed with pastel silk ribbon roses 10,500,000   

Things That Are Still Not Skirts

[Field Fashion, Things That Are Still Not Skirts]
Tucked into the back of the cabana is this airy room with large open screened windows. A few shelves and racks showcase the items for sale.
Obvious exits: southwest, west.

fir shelf
Item Price Done
flame-orange taffeta gown with a low neckline 100,000   
multicolored floral chintz gown with rows of ruffles on the skirt 100,000   
black velvet sheath dress slit up the skirt 100,000   
pure white muslin high-waisted dress with short sleeves 100,000   
calico sundress with wide shoulder straps 100,000   
blue and white checked gingham daygown with a high collar 100,000   

oak rack
Item Price Done
indigo arzumodine dress with a standing collar 1,250,000   
coral lotusweave gown with a square neckline 6,000,000   
lava samite sheath dress with a scoop neckline 7,500,000   
silveress dress with a wide knee-length skirt 10,750,000   
cyan jaalmin sundress with narrow shoulder straps 3,750,000   
baggy electroweave frock with short sleeves 150,000