Festive barker

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Festive barker
Prime Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Type: merchant


The festive barker looks just like what you would expect a festive barker to look like.



You've overheard others asking the festive barker about a number of topics, including tickets, grabbags, festival, stats, purchase, titles, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
[The festive barker sells grab bags containing cards, diras and dyes. They can be purchased with festive tickets, which are purchased through the Simucoins store: http://store.play.net/store/purchase/DR ]



A festive barker produces a handful of festive tickets and waves them at you. "These aren't just any ticket! No! These aren't the tickets common to the spiders' games and shops! And for good reason! These are much more rare, and much more special!"
[Festive tickets are a special purchase made from the Simucoin store.]


A festive barker gestures to the box at his feet. "All these could be yours! Each one is guarnateed to contains at least one card, dira and some dye! AT LEAST! There may be some special finds in a few of them. Will you be one of the lucky ones?"


A festive barker glances overhead, to the looming metal spiders, and says, "Aye. It's that time again! How long will they stay? What new treasures and mysteries are locked within?"


The festive barker smiles and whispers, "Just 5 tickets to get a bag of your own! [Total] have been given out so far! All those collectors out there would pay top coin if you manage to find one of the coveted rare coins or cards!"

A festive barker checks his ledger and says, "It looks like you don't have any free tickets left to use, but I hope you'll spread the word! In total, you've claimed [Number] of the special bags with cards, diras and dyes. Don't forget to ask about my special TITLEs I'd be happy to convey the proper paperwork for those who earn them!"


After talking with him about other topics:

A festive barker leans in and whispers, "Sorry there, madam. You need some festive tickets, and I don't think you have any currently."
[You can purchase festive tickets via the Simucoins store: http://store.play.net/store/purchase/DR ]

When this is the first interaction with him:

A festive barker notices your attention and exclaims, "Ah! Welcome aboard! You look like a new face! I'll make you a deal! Just for stopping to talk with me, I'll give you 2 FREE bags. All you gotta do is spread the word!"
*note: this response is possibly unique to the Hollow Eve 417 event where the barker was 1st seen


A festive barker smiles and says, "Aye! For those who purchase enough of these bags, I'll happily sign the paperwork to register your status as a certified collector! These are my current offerings and the cost of each." He pulls out a parchemnt and holds it up for you to review:

| # | Cost (*)| Title
| 1 | 25 bags | Coin Collector
| 2 | 25 bags | Card Collector
| 3 | 25 bags | Dye Collector
| 4 | 50 bags | Coin Hoarder
| 5 | 50 bags | Card Hoarder
| 6 | 50 bags | Dye Hoarder
* Each bag purchase awards credit. When you purchase a title, the cost is removed from your tracked purchases. To purchase all 6 titles, you'll need to purchase 225 bags in total. Feel free to ASK me about stats for your current totals!