Fashionable Totes

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Fashionable Totes
Festival Feast of Eluned 2
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Container shops, Clothing shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Fashionable Totes]
Casually draped merchandise is available for viewing and touching while a large sign assures clients that each purchase will be fresh from stock and not from the display. You also see a flap, a swinging shelf with some stuff on it, a piece of grey driftwood with some stuff on it, a white trellis with some stuff on it, and a metal stand with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: none.

On the swinging shelf
Item Price Done
kelp macrame kit with an aquamarine canvas lining 5,000   No
grey bull sharkskin kit with a whale tooth closure 12,125   No
On the grey driftwood
Item Price Done
crocheted belt of seaweed and lion's paw shells 1,250   No
black snakeskin belt fastened with fangs 3,125   No
lattice-worked seaweed sash with sand dollar fringes 1,112   No
On the white trellis
Item Price Done
ivory silk sack festooned with swaths of iridescent netting sprinkled with seed pearls 18,750   No
beige and tan basket weave leather case with a gold anchor clasp 7250   No
saddle brown leather case embossed with a stylized rendition of S'lai Screamers 8,750   No
blue leather case embossed with a stylized rendition of a female Merelew 5,000   
rectangular black leather case embossed with a stylized rendition of the world dragon 5,000   No
On the metal stand
Item Price Done
rose-shaped needlepoint purse embellished with tiny fire opals and corded drawstrings of leaf green ribbon 5,625   No
beaded white silk pouch with deep green cord drawstrings 4,375   No
sea blue silk purse decorated with shells and silk cord drawstrings 4,875   No
copper and gold sequined wrist purse with corded drawstrings 12,500   No
black and silver sequined wrist purse with black silk cord drawstrings 15,000   No