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Fantome Stormstruck
Race Prydaen
Gender Female
Guild Warrior Mage
Instance undisclosed


Davafro Vayato Fantome Stormstruck of Ratha, a Prydaen Warrior Mage.

Fantome has pointed ears and cat-slitted jade eyes. Her amber mane is long and thick, and is worn loose. She has tawny fur with black points and black marbling and a slender tail. An oval black star sapphire rests on her forehead, just above her eyes.


Fantome is holding a bastard sword. She is wearing some jagged rock crystal knuckleguards, a wide cambrinth armband engraved with rolling azure waves in her right hand, a fine mesh balaclava adorned with a sinuous serpent along the neckline, a gold-inlaid reinforced ironwood shield, a set of silvery chain gloves with ivory spidersilk intertwined through the links, a platinum kyanite gwethdesuan, a deep red velvet bustier with delicate lace rosebud appliques, a delicate black lace garter with swaying ruby heart charms, a white gold wedding band carved in the shape of a ring of flames, an ivory bracelet carved with playful kittens, a gleaming platinum badge etched with the phrase "Feel the flames of my wrath!", a striped cat-shaped talisman pouch with cambrinth-tipped drawstrings, a snow white silk thigh bag with sapphire trim and a crescent moon made from tiny blue crystals, a pair of ruby-inlaid ebonwood hairsticks, a scarlet tail sheath, some black suede boots fastened with a silver lightning bolt, a woven white gold hip chain adorned with cat's eye quartz beads, an onyx panther charm hanging from a platinum chain, a deep crimson velvet skirt embroidered along the hem with black rosebuds, a dark sheath with a prominent ruby shaped into a budding rose, a dark leather traveler's cloak lined in soft black fur, a grass-green flaxen anklet, a delicate gold necklace with a small Warrior Mage crest charm, a red gold eyebrow ring, a black suede bodice fastened by six crossed wands, a polished leather harness with a bastard sword secured to it, a maroon herb pouch, a rich sable and amber raw silk sash tied with an intricate knot, a warrior mage's earring depicting platinum sword and lightning bolt joined in harmony, some crimson and gold spidersilk wings, a suit of finely woven golden battle mesh, a moonstone and avaes medallion, a platinum ring bearing the crest of the Warrior Mage Guild, a gold jadeite gwethdesuan, an albredine crystal ring, a dark leather haversack clasped with a trio of ebony feathers, a serpentine bronze tailband, a beaten gold bracelet with onyx and ruby charms, a Rathan Fencible's armband with "ISLAND PANTHERS" stitched in gold atop a nine-starred badge, an origami-paper envelope and a green gem pouch.