Fallen Angels Clothing (2)

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Fallen Angels Clothing
Event Elothean Culture Faire 408
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Elothean shops, Clothing shops, Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Fallen Angels Clothing]
Sumptuous silks and satins spill over the tops of the cabinet and armoire on which they are stacked in a shimmering rainbow of colors. The clerks are kept busy as women (and a few men) rummage through an exquisite array of gowns and lingerie, looking for that perfect garment.
You also see a fretwork-carved arch, a lacquered black cabinet, a low black lacquered table with several things on it, a marble column with several things on it, an angled wooden shelf with several things on it, a crystal bead curtain and the caravan door.
Obvious exits: none.

In the black cabinet
Item Price Done
black silk chemise with an oval lace insert to reveal the wearer's back 18,040   
deep violet silk chemise trimmed with fluffy white feathers along the neckline 18,942   
clinging peach silk chemise with daring cutwork embroidery along the hem 18,942   
clinging ivory silk chemise trimmed with lace along the low neckline 18,040   
thigh-length scarlet silk chemise with silver embroidery 20,746   
deep blue silk chemise laced with silver along the open side seams 18,942   
vivid coral silk chemise trimmed with drawn-thread embroidery 18,942   
sheer jade batiste chemise with delicate shadow-work embroidery 20,746   
On the black lacquered table
Item Price Done
gold and black chevron-striped bustier trimmed with velvet 27,060   
purple and gold brocade bustier with a heart-shaped neckline 27,060   
peacock-blue satin bustier embroidered with sinuous black wyverns 27,060   
deep red velvet bustier with delicate lace rosebud appliques 27,060   
embroidered mint-green silk bustier adorned with grey herons in flight 27,060   
On the marble column
Item Price Done
pale blue steelsilk garter embroidered with crystal beads 11,275   
simple coral silk garter with silver buckles 11,275   
lace-edged violet silk garter adorned with a crystal eye charm 11,275   
brass-buckled black leather garter adorned with bronze studs 11,275   
tooled brown leather garter with silver buckles 11,275   
silver-shot Elothean lace garter threaded with pale blue ribbons 11,275   
delicate black lace garter with swaying ruby heart charms 27,060   
teasing amber silk garter spangled with diamond dust 11,275   
A parchment note reads:
"Garters are narrow ribbons of fabric, suede or leather, worn below the knee to keep one's stockings up. You may be able to slip a single dagger or small blade between the garter and your calf, however the management assumes no responsibility for any damage to your person if you choose to do such a thing, nor is it responsible for any costs incurred in cleaning blood from your garments as a result."
On the wooden shelf
Item Price Done
crimson silk corset with black lace inserts 45,100   
smoky blue antique satin corset with creamy lace panels 45,100   
apple-green duponi silk corset with a playful black fringe 45,100   
antique gold firesilk corset with a sawtooth hem 45,100   
deep chocolate silk corset with a crystal-beaded neckline 45,100   
wasp-waisted fuchsia silk corset embroidered with white roses 45,100   
strapless teal silk corset with Elothean lace insertions 45,100   
back-laced indigo twill corset embroidered with orange blossoms 45,100   
front-laced black satin corset beaded with aquamarines 45,100   
scoop-necked aqua silk corset with opal-beaded embroidery 45,100   

[Fallen Angels Clothing, Exotics]
Thin blue-grey tendrils coil up from a small brazier as incense perfumes the air of Fallen Angels' exotic clothing collection. Like the front room, sheer gauze vies with swags of silk in a riot of color and texture as shoppers inspect the wares proffered by the clerks.
You also see a sandalwood trunk, an antique floral-painted armoire, a jewelry tree with a few things on it, a jewelry box, a carved mistwood wardrobe, a cedar-lined chest, a fretwork-carved arch and a fragrant cedar coffer.
Obvious exits: none.

In the upper tray (which is on a sandalwood trunk)
Item Price Done
crimson chola top 1,082   
black knit chola top 1,082   
dark blue chola top 1,082   
dark green chola top 1,082   
deep brown chola top 1,082   
burnt orange chola top 1,082   
moss-green chola top 1,082   
In the sandalwood trunk
Item Price Done
pale green chola top 1,082   
soft cream chola top 1,082   
deep rose chola top 1,082   
light grey chola top 1,082   
soft white chola top 1,082   
pale blue chola top 1,082   
pale peach chola top 1,082   
The choli is a midriff-baring blouse shell garment in the Indian sari costume worn in India and other countries where the sari is worn.
In the floral-painted armoire
Item Price Done
black silk cheongsam embroidered with scattered bamboo reeds 49,610   
jade-green silk cheongsam embroidered with colorful butterflies 49,610   
deep blue satin cheongsam embroidered with gryphons in flight 49,610   
amethyst satin cheongsam embroidered with white azaleas 49,610   
bright yellow silk cheongsam embroidered with whimsical flying pigs 49,610   
vibrant scarlet silk cheongsam embroidered with golden chrysanthemums 49,610   
The cheongsam is a body-hugging one-piece Chinese dress for women.
On the jewelry tree
Item Price Done
serpentine-link hip chain with dangling silver bells 4,510   
golden hip chain with dangling acorn-shaped bells 14,341   
fiery copper hip chain with enameled blue bells 1,713   
In the jewelry box
Item Price Done
dangling amber bead 631   
apple-green aventurine teardrop 3,157   
marquise-cut pink sapphire 27,060   
pear-shaped fire opal 6,765   
pear-shaped fire agate 1,623   
delicate fern lace agate 1,533   
kite-shaped peacock topaz 7,252   
polished ocean jasper teardrop 2,164   
brilliant pear-shaped citrine 3,968   
oval black star sapphire 6,043   
A discreet sign reads:
While not magical, the gems in the jewelry box may be worn on the forehead to lend a mysterious allure to even the plainest angel. Be aware that the glue used to affix the gems does lower their value, and that area jewelers will not purchase them.
In the mistwood wardrobe
Item Price Done
scarlet silk skirt with flashing gold disks beneath the waistband 13,530   !!
midnight-blue gauze skirt with frothy lace-edged petticoats 8,609   !!
full black gauze skirt shot with silver threads 8,609   !!
deep violet silk skirt with a multitude of silvery lace-edged petticoats 8,609   !!
tangerine firesilk skirt with a wide gold-buckled belt 36,080   !!
In the cedar-lined chest
Item Price Done
cornflower-blue silk sari with embroidered silver trim 19,844   
scarlet silk sari with a wide cloth-of-gold trim 22,550   
dusky black silk gauze sari edged with blue and silver embroidery 20,746   
sea-green gauze sari edged with embroidered white-tipped waves 7,216   
vivid coral silk sari with a gold brocade border 22,550   
leaf-green crepe sari with an embroidered gold-on-white border 7,216   
violet crepe sari edged with bands of silver and white embroidery 7,216   
The sari is a strip of unstitched cloth, worn by women, ranging from four to nine yards in length that is draped over the body in various styles which is native to the Indian Subcontinent.
In the cedar coffer
Item Price Done
spangled black gauze harem pants shot with silver threads 4,961   
leaf-green gauze harem pants embroidered with shalyria blossoms 4,780   
sheer teal chiffon harem pants with a black waistband 4,374   
smoky blue gauze harem pants cut to ride low on the hips 4,419   
pale rose gauze harem pants gathered tightly at the ankles 4,329