Fallen Angels Clothing (1)

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Fallen Angels Clothing
Festival Wren Faire
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Fallen Angels Clothing]
Sumptuous silks and satins spill over the tops of the cabinet and armoire on which they are stacked in a shimmering rainbow of colors. The clerks are kept busy as women (and a few men) rummage through an exquisite array of gowns and lingerie, looking for that perfect garment. You also see the caravan door, a crystal bead curtain, an angled wooden shelf with some stuff on it, a marble column with some stuff on it, an antique floral-painted armoire, a low black lacquered table with some stuff on it, and a lacquered black cabinet.
Obvious exits: none.

In the floral-painted armoire
Item Price Done
thigh-length teal firesilk tunic with a twisted gold chain belt 49,610   No
clinging halter-neck golden firesilk gown cut to reveal the wearer's shoulder blades 40,590   No
daring low-cut silver firesilk gown with a graceful train 38,335   
simply cut white firesilk gown with a thigh-length slit in back 36,080   
high-collared bronze firesilk gown with knee-length slits along the side seams 40,590   No
strapless forest green firesilk gown with trailing skirts 40,590   
On the marble column
Item Price Done
vivid ultramarine satin garter trimmed with ivory lace 11,275   
ruched black velvet garter with glittering crystal beads 13,530   
smocked crystal-beaded silk garter with carved silver buckles 18,040   
fragile scarlet lace garter threaded with golden ribbons 18,040   
shimmering bronze firesilk garter with forest green laces 18,040   
dainty silvery lace garter threaded with vivid blue ribbons 13,530   
silky black lace garter with cornflower-blue ties 11,275   
On the wooden shelf
Item Price Done
simple ivory silk corset embroidered with pale blue flowers 45,100   
strapless black silk corset trimmed with a flirty jade fringe 51,414   No
deep blue silk corset with black lace trim 51,414   
beaded crimson silk corset with tightly drawn ivory laces 54,120   No
tightly laced white silk corset with flirty ruffles along the hem 54,120   
In the black cabinet
Item Price Done
black silk chemise with an oval lace insert to reveal the wearer's back 18,040   
deep violet silk chemise trimmed with fluffy white feathers along the neckline 18,942   
clinging peach silk chemise with daring cutwork embroidery along the hem 18,942   
clinging ivory silk chemise trimmed with lace along the low neckline 18,040   
thigh-length scarlet silk chemise with silver embroidery 20,746   
deep blue silk chemise laced with silver along the open side seams 18,942   
vivid coral silk chemise trimmed with drawn-thread embroidery 18,942   
sheer jade batiste chemise with delicate shadow-work embroidery 20,746   
On the black lacquered table
Item Price Done
vivid gold-shot scarlet silk bustier with taut black laces 27,060   
tightly laced black silk bustier with dove-grey piping along the seams 29,315   
wasp-waisted ultramarine silk bustier with black laces 27,060   
boned cornflower-blue velvet bustier with silver piping along the seams 31,570   
snug royal purple satin bustier with black lace trim 26,080