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It's finally come time for us to move Elanthipedia over to the Simutronics servers.


So Who's In Charge?

We (the previous staff) are. I want to be very specific that this is not a take over by Simutronics, but a collaborative effort that gives us a permanent and stable home, and them a wiki they can integrate more fully into the game.

As we have always had a good working relationship with the GMs, there isn't any need for new rules or a whip-wielding overlord (yet).

What's New?

Actually, not a lot. Beyond needing to sign in using your play.net account (which, incidentally will keep down the spam accounts), pretty much everything else is the same.

Unfortunately, you will not be allowed to keep your old name, and there's no practical way to link your previous work with your new name. We looked into it and the hoops it would require would be a great deal of work.

What Needs to Be Done

Unfortunately, due to the way it had to be set up, we unexpectedly have lost all the updates since around early December (as well as a bunch of other stuff), and it's not really feasible to just do a whole database copy because <insert technobabble here>.

All pages should be updated to match, though there are several serious technical problems we're still working on. This means that if the page looks fine when you edit it, but looks funky when you preview it, then it's likely something on our end.

Likewise, we're missing some images, but there are issues with uploading images that need to be fixed.

All user pages that people want to transfer over should be done.

I Can't Connect to the New Site!

If your connection times out when you try to connect, this may be because we're in the middle of a data update, which can slow the site down to the point where it times out. Hopefully once we get everything properly updated, this won't be an issue.

Where Should I Edit?

We're basically done, so edit whatever you like!