Entrail Toss Arena (1)

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Entrail Toss Arena (1)
Event Hollow Eve Festival 392
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Food shops, Trinket shops, Game
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Entrail Toss Arena, Entrance]
A series of bulky tarpaulins conceals the Entrail Toss Arena. The thick sheets of canvas are painted with a large blood-spattered skeleton wielding a formidable scimitar in a variety of garish scenes and morbid encounters. Covering the ground in a messy layer, dusty straw clumps together in an attempt to soak up any excess bodily fluids tracked from inside. You also see a straw-lined path, a skinny old crone, a gap in the tarpaulins and a hand-lettered sign.

A hand-lettered sign reads:
"eNTRaiL ToSS.  FiVe ToSSeS FoR 500 DoKoRaS.  MaNaGeMeNT NoT ReSPoNSiBLe FoR 
STaiNS oR oTHeR DaMaGe To CLoTHiNG."

[Entrail Toss Arena, Fling Ring]
Heavy canvas tarpaulins stained with sticky sanguine smears envelop the oblong area. The floor is covered with masses of damp straw, thick with globs of gore and bile from the dripping entrails chucked about the room. At the far end of the arena, a rickety wooden stand exhibits a skeleton of ambiguous origin. A line of stacked hay bales separates the contestants from the target, and the bucket o' guts sits conspicuously in front of the barrier. You also see a gap in the tarpaulins, a very large sign and a battered ghoul. Obvious exits: east.


The Official Rules for Entrail Toss.

First, GET BUCKET to scoop up some guts.
Second, THROW the organ at the target...the skeleton.
If you hit the skeleton near the original location of that particular organ, you win points.
If you earn ten points, you win a prize.
If you earn fifteen points, you win a better prize.
If you earn twenty points, you win an even better prize.
If you earn enough points for a prize, ASK the ghoul about it.

You get five entrail tosses for 500 coppers.
If you want to play again, you must go pay the hag out front.

Good luck...and good gut-tossing!


[Entrail Toss Arena, Grub Hub]
In a chaotic attempt at decoration, several smooth, furred, and scaled skins hang slapdash along the canvas interior. A mess of dingy straw covers the floor, dank and rotting like the rest of the miserable decor. Filled with not-so-exotic delicacies, a stained bloodwood counter is stationed opposite a small souvenir table so that patrons may pick and choose between the two at their leisure. You also see a dented steel bucket with a pungent sour aroma. Obvious exits: west.

On the counter
Item Price Done
glob of gooey goblin snot ?   
vial of vile crocodile bile ?   
bowl of corpse grub jelly ?   
flagon of liquid grendel earwax ?   
bottle of drippy dryad drool ?   
furless firecat tail ?   
toasted silverfish thorax ?   
trencher of slimy viper tongues ?   
bag of brittle trollkin toenails ?   
A bone white notecard reads:

.-* Berdachun's Finest ~ Imported from Zoluren *-.

On the table
Item Price Done
dull red gold spoon with crude etchings along the handle ?   
frosted shot glass paintd with bloody entrails dripping down the sides ?   No
string of anatomically accurate hearts carved from carnelian ?   
smooth ochre gallstone pin with sloppy engravings ?