Engine Room Roasting Pit (1)

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Engine Room Roasting Pit
Festival Hollow Eve Festival 396
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Food shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Below Deck, The Engine Hub]
Rusting pipes and ducting run in a seemingly endless array of fume-spewing metal. Corridors lead off in every direction from this circular area. At its center stands a massive boiler tub, the roaring fire beneath it fed continually by a coal-shoveling Gnome worker. You also see an etched metal sign, a wood bin, a rusting bucket, an old oil drum with some stuff on it and a polished ebony door inlaid with an ivory spider web.
Obvious exits: north, northeast, east, southeast, south, southwest, west, northwest.

An etched metal sign reads:

                 -- ENGINE HUB TOASTING PIT --

  First, make sure the fire is filled with logs from the bin.

   Second, LIGHT the fire after you've PUT some logs inside.

Third, buy a stick, grab some food and PUT your food on the stick.

    Finally, WAVE your food to start your toasting adventure!

                         -- ENJOY! --

In the rusting bucket
Item Price Done
curved roasting stick 3   
On the oil drum
Item Price Done
spread of colorful peppers 0   
bowl of ripe tomatoes 0   
dish of large mushrooms 0   
tray of seasoned chicken 0   
platter of marinated beef 0   
saucer of jumbo shrimp 0   
plate of pork sausages 0   
bag of plump marshmallows 0