Empolibium's Emporium

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Empolibium's Emporium
Festival Theren Festival 2
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Container shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Empombolius' Emporium]
Colorful banners and streamers hang from the walls and ceiling. Multicolored gaethzen spheres hover among the streamers, sending bright light shimmering through the area, lending a festive sheen to the tent. A tall table built to resemble a bar is set against one side of the tent, holding wares for sale. You also see a rosewood rack with some stuff on it, a squat barrel with some stuff on it, an iron hook with a hollow ram's horn on it, and an exit flap.
Obvious exits: none.

On the iron hook
Item Price Done
hollow ram's horn 1,000   
On the tall table
Item Price Done
cured oak tankard carved from a large branch 450   
polished ivory tankard set with ebony music notes 5,200   No
pewter tankard stamped with a taffelberry tart 450   
crystal tankard etched with a barely discernable crest 1,200   No
silver tankard 5,200   No
copper tankard 450   No
iron tankard shaped like a swirling tornado 450   
bucket-shaped tankard 450   No
A note reads:"These tankards can be refilled at Bard Guilds as well as several other locations."
On the rosewood rack
Item Price Done
etched steel tankard case 1,000   
woven rosewood basket painted with fanciful foods 700   
wine tote 2,500   
cylindrical backpack crafted to resemble a large tankard 4,500   No
ale-stained traveler's cloak 5,000   No
On the squat barrel
Item Price Done
purple steel flask forged to resemble a bunch of grapes 7,000   No
brushed silver flask set with a stained glass mosaic 13,000   No
curling ivory flask crafted to resemble a ram's horn 16,000   No
ale-stained oak keg 11,042   No
diminutive crystal flask etched with a barely discernible crest 11,000   
A card reads:"The items on this barrel are refillable with drinks of all kinds."