Emerald Knight quest walkthrough

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Caution.png SPOILER ALERT!
This article reveals in-game secrets, spoilers, walkthroughs, or other information not intended for general knowledge in-game.

Ranger Quest Spoilers

  • The first two quests involve replenishing the arms and healing herb supplies for the guards.
The weapons and herbs can be foraged or purchased before starting the quest. (NOTE: Herbs gathered via COLLECT are apparently not fresh enough to be turned in to Dorilee. You must forage the herbs one-by-one to be awarded credit.)
Rangers need to provide 20 longbows. (it would appear to be a random number between 20 and 30 - Athanasius)
You not only have to survive for an anlas, but also kill a minimum number of invaders. If you fail in the first anlas the commander will come tell you that you need to kill more and extend your service time 1 anlas.

Paladin Quest Spoilers

  • The first quest is received from Commander Fenhalut and directs you to The Last, and involves getting large rocks from the trader outpost northeast from the canyon entrance, then repairing the wall with the rocks. You have to repair the wall completely in each of the four rooms that comprise the base of the wall.
  • The second quest is similar to the first. You must repair an onager with items gotten from a crate. This quest is received from the Second of the wall. You must repair each item individually with the proper material.
  • The final quest you must patrol the forward battlements, killing Shadoweavers and Wormwood Vines as they appear. If you do not kill enough, your time will be extended until you do kill enough. Do not leave the forward battlements except to climb the watch tower and use the clarion to summon aid. Grimnur will come to you regularly and check on your progress and will tell you if you are done with the quest and what to do next.

Update November 2016:

Final quest duration is six anlas. Reward item is a badge, not a sword, and the Emerald Knight title. As a circle 40 paladin, surviving for three hours was a challenge. I used and needed all the paladin buffs at to sustain, including Holy Warrior, which caused severe stuns to the shadoweaver. The nicks and minor wounds did add up, and I needed healing about two hours in. (Magics were higher than circle minimum at ~270 average. I also had MAF, which I did not keep up as diligently as I should)

A Paladin from the first group of Emerald Knights said that their quest lasted over a period of 3 days, and took many hours to complete than the later revision. It was more of a war scenario for the opening of the Quest.


  • Upon completion of this quest you will receive a sword which will allow you to pass through the gate as well as the ability to choose the Emerald Knight title. Badges later replaced this sword, and the 2-handed swords bearing the crest were a limited item presented to the first Emerald Knights to complete the quest successfully.