Elemental Lunacy

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Elemental Lunacy
Event Theren Festival 2
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Cambrinth shops, Jewelry shops, Magic shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Elemental Lunacy, Front Room]
The heady scent of roses mingled with smoky undertones of sandalwood incense hangs gently in the air. The walls are draped ceiling to floor with panels of midnight blue velvet gathered in deep folds, serving as an elegant backdrop for the wares displayed on gilded counters. A collection of flame-shaped gaethzen lanterns suspended near the ceiling fills the room with warm light, revealing a carved archway leading to another display area. You also see a gilt-edged rosewood counter with some stuff on it, a black marble pedestal with some stuff on it, and an exit flap.
Obvious exits: north.

On the rosewood counter
Item Price Done
brushed silver badge 10,000   
small copper badge 1,000   
burnished gold badge 100,000   No
A small notecard reads:
"For the absent-minded moon mage in your life, gift them with a copper or silver Moonbeam Reminder badge to help them remember which moon was used last in setting a moonbeam! For more elemental mages, give them a golden element badge so they can display their favorite element!"

On the marble pedestal
Item Price Done
glowering onyx shadow servants 50,000   !!
black crystal shadowlings 10,000   No
silly alabaster rabbits 10,000   !!
opalescent glass wands 10,000   No

[Elemental Lunacy, Heavenly Creations]
Walls draped with lush burgundy velvet give way to finely crafted cabinets with doors thrown open to display shelves of merchandise. A gilt-edged mirror is strategically placed between two dark-stained wardrobes brimming with a selection of garments. Delicate golden urns filled with dried rose petals and cloves sit atop the heavy furniture, perfuming the air. You also see a marble counter with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: south.

In the jewelry box
Item Price Done
pair of dainty white jade earrings fashioned into moonflowers 1,000   No
pair of elegant diamond earrings fashioned into starflowers 7,000   No
pair of firefall bloom earrings crafted from rubies and gold 10,000   
pair of icy-blue sapphire earrings shaped like tiny snowdrop blossoms 7,000   !!
pair of small hoop earrings bearing exquisite golden beryl lyrandia blossoms 8,000   No
pair of dangling earrings adorned with pale moonstone windflowers 7,000   No
pair of silver earrings twined with diminutive amethyst shalyria blossoms 2,500   No
In the ivory-inlaid coffer
Item Price Done
cambrinth ring set with gemstone moons 5,000   !!
crystalline ring of two hands cradling a cambrinth sphere 5,000   !!
lustrous amethyst ring set with a cambrinth hourglass 5,000   !!
twisted cambrinth ring engraved with bat-winged skulls 5,000   !!
brushed silver anklet with dozens of tiny cambrinth stars 16,000   No
bone wristcuff inlaid with polished cambrinth plates 17,500   !!
some silver hoop earrings adorned by cambrinth shadowlings 3,588   No
cambrinth shadowling medallion with polished onyx eyes 7,000   !!
On the ring tree
Item Price Done
An engraved placard reads:
"My sister told me the marriage of a moon mage to a warrior mage captured her imagination, providing the inspiration for the rings found on this tree. Hopefully the designs will inspire you as well!"

twisted platinum engagement ring inlaid with wine-red garnets 5,000   !!
silver engagement ring set with dark emeralds encircling a black moonstone 5,000   !!
ocean-blue sapphire wedding band accented with brilliant diamonds 5,000   !!
elegant white-gold wedding band set with fire opals and blue moonstone 10,000   !!
platinum wedding band set with an onyx shadowling surrounded by ruby flames 17,500   
brushed silver anniversary band displaying a ruby half-heart 10,000   !!
burnished platinum anniversary band dangling a tiny ruby key charm 16,000   No
knotwork anniversary band of flame-kissed gold inlaid with star rubies 12,000   !!
In the rosewood wardrobe
Item Price Done
ice blue satin bodice overlaid with embroidered white chiffon 15,000   No
dusky blue velvet bodice slashed to reveal the nightsilk lining beneath 50,000   
front-laced bodice of crimson silk adorned with gold star charms 30,000   
sleek ebony leather bodice beaded with silver and moonstone 20,000   
iridescent spidersilk bodice shot through with celestial colors 70,000   
In the mahogany wardrobe
Item Price Done
ice blue silk skirt with frothy white chiffon petticoats 15,000   !!
full skirt of dusky blue velvet belted by a fringed nightsilk scarf 50,000   No
enticing gypsy skirt of gold and crimson gauze over black gossamer 5,000   No
sleek ebony leather skirt with a gold chain slung low across the hips 8,000   !!
swirling black nightsilk skirt with lace petticoats peeking from the hem 80,000   No
In the crafted cabinets
Item Price Done
dusky blue velvet telescope case set with diamonds forming an intricate pattern 20,000   !!
katamba-black nightsilk telescope case clasped by a blue moonstone 70,000   
xibar-blue suede telescope case clasped by a black moonstone 10,000   
yavash-red silk telescope case clasped by a golden sunstone 15,000   
black spidersilk pouch clasped with belled gold chains 12,000   No
scarlet silk pouch stitched with a multitude of tiny mirrored shards 5,000   No
dusky blue velvet pouch graced with a cluster of crystalline stars 2,500   No

[Elemental Lunacy, Elemental Accessories]
The faint scent of incense lingers in the air and lends a slight haze in the warm light cast by more gaethzen lanterns. Simple draperies of black velvet line the walls, serving as a subtle backdrop for the merchandise hanging from racks and shelves scattered throughout the room. An oak mannequin stands guard over a carved archway. You also see a cherry wardrobe, a polished brass chest with some stuff on it, some polished mahogany shelves with some stuff on it, and a carved rosewood rack with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: none.

On the oak mannequin
Item Price Done
high-collared mantle of heavy black leather lined with dark grey silk 11,000   No
black leather gauntlets with knotwork tooled on the flared cuffs 2,500   !!
impeccably tailored shirt of raw white silk 6,000   No
dark grey wool trousers accented with narrow black silk braid 1,000   No
tall black leather boots polished to a high gloss 3,000   !!
broad-brimmed black leather hat jauntily pinned up on one side 1,000   No
In the cherry wardrobe
Item Price Done
scarlet cashmere mage's robe embroidered about the cuffs with leaping golden flames 20,000   No
dusty brown hooded mage's robe belted by leather cord braided with agate stones 6,000   No
indigo watered silk hooded mage's robe beaded with stylized waves 30,000   No
white felt hooded mage's robe stitched with swirls of mist-grey silk 10,000   No
wide-sleeved hooded mage's robe of somber black wool 5,500   No
storm-grey wool hooded mage's robe embroidered at the cuffs with jagged lightning bolts 7,000   No
On the brass chest
Item Price Done
cambrinth earcuff with a mother-of-pearl whirlwind charm 4,000   No
cambrinth pendant carved to resemble a curling wave 7,000   !!
curling cambrinth whip suspended from a grey silk cord 7,000   !!
darkened cambrinth armband inlaid with jagged silver lightning bolts 16,000   
crystalline cambrinth fist 12,000   !!
icy-blue sapphire anklet with miniature cambrinth icicles 16,000   !!
woven gold choker set with carved cambrinth flames 30,000   !!
On the mahogany shelves
Item Price Done
fiery-scarlet silk talisman pouch tied with golden ribbons 4,000   No
icy-blue silk talisman pouch tied with snow-white ribbons 4,000   !!
opalescent silk talisman pouch tied with narrow ribbons 4,000   No
dark-brown silk talisman pouch tied with black ribbons 4,000   No
mist-grey silk talisman pouch tied with silvery ribbons 4,000   No
dark-grey silk talisman pouch tied with silvery ribbons 4,000   !!
On the rosewood rack
Item Price Done
polished white ironwood devices case inlaid with ruby flames 20,000   No
pierced ebony devices case inlaid with hematite lightning bolts 15,000   No
pale lacewood devices case inlaid with silver whirlwinds 15,000   No
gleaming goldenoak devices case inlaid with emerald ivy leaves 17,000   !!
silverwood devices case inlaid with coiled mother-of-pearl whips 10,000   No
alabaster devices case inlaid with curling waves of aquamarine 15,000   No