Elemental Exposition Grand Pavilion

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Elemental Exposition Grand Pavilion
Festival War Mage Festival
Owner Narcissa
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Food shops, Drink shops, Clothing shops, Juggling shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Elemental Exposition Grand Pavilion, Gathering Hall]
A massive light canvas tent encloses a huge area of smooth, packed dirt, forming the main pavilion of the festival. Multihued banners are suspended from the ceiling, causing the whole area to appear very festive. Large gaethzen spheres are mixed within the colorful cloth, providing a happy glow that settles over the tables, buffets, and benches scattered around the area. You also see a side room, a flap, a BIG sign, and a Narcissa list.
Obvious exits: north.

A BIG sign reads:
Narcissa will be here to give out fun titles at 3pm Eastern on Wednesday. 
The list will open at 2:50pm. Only ten people will have titles done, 
so please don't ask to reopen the list. Do not choose a title already in the Realms, 
nothing obscene, and nothing that offends other guilds. Thank you!! 

On the buffet
Item Price Done
wooden bowl of salted almonds 0   
spicy chicken wings 0   DG
silver bowl filled with plump red strawberries dusted with powdered sugar 0   No
crystal bowl filled with creamy Elven frostwynne flavored with snowpears 0   No
tray of snowberry tarts 0   No
walnut cake with warm applesauce 0   No
platter of fresh cinnamon-sugar cookies 0   No
bowl of fizzing fruit punch 0   
jar of minty icicle-shaped lollipops 0   No
pot of fireball peppers 0   No
crystal punch bowl of glowing Elothean windhaze 0   
jar of staff-shaped peppermints 0   No
bowl of book-shaped mints 0   No
tray of boulder-shaped chocolates 0   No
plate of cloud-shaped marshmallows 0   No

[Elemental Exposition Grand Pavilion, ?]
Area description missing.
Obvious exits: south.

On the table
Item Price Done
rough juggling clubs 2,706   No
miniature rounded tin helms 2,706   
In the woven basket
Item Price Done
colorful party cracker 99   No
On the hat rack
Item Price Done
stiff felt cap stitched with dangling lightning bolts 225   No
tall hat adorned with red foil flames 225   No
parchment cone hat crafted from used scrolls 225   No
golden parchment hat set with wide opalescent wings 225   No
bright glittery hat set with a parchment dragon 225   No
silvery hat with dangling glittery snowflakes 225   
curled blue hat crafted to resemble a wave 225   No
folded sailor's hat made out of old news parchments 225   No
faux coonskin cap with a long dangling tail 451   No
stiff felt cone cap stitched with silvery stars 225   No

[Elemental Exposition Grand Pavilion, Sitting Area]
The tent here is lower, and of a differently textured canvas, as if it was added on at some point. Cushions and chairs are scattered about, providing a comfortable area to sit and chat away from the hustle and bustle of the exposition. A small tray sits in the center of the room, with a more modest selection of refreshments than resides in the main room. You also see the gathering hall.
Obvious exits: none.

On the small tray
Item Price Done
wooden bowl of salted almonds 0   
platter of fresh cinnamon-sugar cookies 0   No
bowl of fizzing fruit punch 0