Elegant Etchings

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Elegant Etchings
Festival Taisidon Safari 412, Return to Taisidon, Taisidon Safari 420
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops, Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Elegant Etchings]
Narrow bamboo paneling encloses this room, while the floor and ceiling are both covered with a layer of palm leaves. A wide counter stands along one wall, decorated with a garland of flowers. You also see a sign and a bamboo wardrobe.
Obvious exits: out.

A sign reads:
"All items are specially made to be engraved or embroidered with the name of the person who first rubs them.  Enjoy!"
In the bamboo wardrobe
Item Price Done
braided leather headband 150   No
braided leather armband 100   
heavy wool cape 900   No
braided leather ankleband 100   
light cotton tunic 400   No
beaded head scarf 500   No
braided leather wristband 100   
long silk cloak 5,000   No
black felt cap 500   No
On the wide counter
Item Price Done
fire opal engagement ring 900   
simple wedding band 900   No
exquisite animite bracelet 300,000   No
cut silver friendship ring 1,000   
heavy steel bracelet 500   No
translucent amethyst bracelet 1,000   No
burnished platinum wedding band 6,000   No
bright fire opal bracelet 8,000   No
heavy linked platinum bracelet 30,000   No
cut emerald bracelet 15,000   No
brilliant diamond bracelet 25,000   No
Taisidonian pearl bracelet 5,000   No
glass beaded bracelet 300   No
brushed silver bracelet 800   No
burnished gold bracelet 3,000   No
blue diamond engagement ring 10,000   No
carved jade bracelet 2,500   No
simple pewter bracelet 200   No