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OOC Fest Announcement

This year's TOY has been released at the sternum of the baby spider. Please STUDY the woman NPC to learn more! We'll have a post up on the forums soon. Don't rush into decisions; you only get one pick! Good luck, and have fun!


The Human woman appears simple by any standard. She's wrapped tightly within layers of worn clothing; many of the garments' colors have faded. Her skin is wrinkled with age, and spots of many colors adorn the skin of her arms and legs when they peek out from the clothing. Nearby is a large box of mewling kittens and a large wooden rocking chair.


You've overheard others asking an elderly Human woman about a few topics, including: kittens, sacks, skins, list, tricks [The Human woman provides the upgrading kittens introduced at Hollow Eve 2015. Everyone who attends Hollow Eve can get one freely while they're available as part of the Hollow Eve ticket, but they'll be gone forever after 2017!]

Elderly woman advise

The elderly woman says, "If you don't see one you like, consider checking back. I swap out boxes from time to time." The elderly woman says, "If you don't see one you like, consider checking back. I swap out boxes from time to time. DON'T RUSH. I'll be here all fest!"


An elderly Human woman glances over the armrest of her rocker into the box of mewling kittens. With a sigh, she says, "I just can't stand the thought of them being out alone. They'll starve if I don't take care of them! First it was just a litter when Snowbell got caught by that caravan wheel, but then they had their own litters, and then they had theirs!"

Sincere worry is written clearly upon the Human woman's face as she says, "I want to do good and to help, but I just can't keep up with them. I need help taking care of them, and I was hoping some of the folks visiting this here spider might be willing to lend some supplies or maybe even take one of them off my hands." She looks at you hopefully.


An elderly Human woman reaches into a satchel and produces a simple, silken mesh sack with a pewter clasp. "I never was too good at making fancy clothes or anything better, but I can surely tie together some strips of silk and add some padding strong enough for a kitten to get some rest."


An elderly Human woman taps a tattered pelt in her lap. "It was a ranger's prized trophy once, but when you've got dozens upon dozens of cats and kittens all over and in and behind and under everything, these just don't hold up for long. The last of mine are just about worn out, and I'm afraid I'll be freezing right alongside the poor little kittens this winter if I don't get some help."


An elderly Human woman brightens at your interest. She glances in the box and says, "None of them are sleeping, so this shouldn't disturb the little dearies too badly I hope." She tilts it up on its side so you can get a clearer view of what's inside.

1) See Kitten for options list.
(Note, the list changes pretty quick, so check it before you order yours!)
You have to give the Woman the pelt just before picking one, or she forgets you gave it to her.

You nod your satisfaction to the Human woman who carefully settles the box back to the ground. "If you do me a favor, I might be willing to let you have one." [If you bring the Human woman a skin, pelt or hide, she'll let you ORDER a single kitten to be yours! ORDER # FROM WOMAN when you're ready!]

  • When she changes the list, you see the following:
The Human woman creaks to her feet and fusses over the box of kittens, lifting several out and inspecting them before setting them back in atop the pile.


An elderly Human woman says, "I've taught them all I can for now. Perhaps with some more time, I could encourage a few other tricks."