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Manual of Style Article

This page is part of the Elanthipedia's Manual of Style section. This page lists information for the standardization of articles and templates, as set down by community consensus.

  • If you disagree with or have suggestions for improvement of the standards, please post on the accompanying talk page and give ample time for debate before making any edits. Failure to follow this proceedure will result in removal of your edits.
Manual of Style Index

This page contains information on the standards for all pages that contain scripts to be run in DR.


The following template should be used for script pages:


Article Names

Pages should be named Script Name (script).

Explanation of Template

Category (cat)

Choose the one category that describes the primary purpose of the script.

  • Combat: hunting
  • Information: displaying information (without doing anything)
  • Quest: completing a quest, such as favors
  • Training: gaining experience (other than hunting)
  • Travel: traveling
  • Utility: performing a useful function, such as healing, crafting, etc. (even if some experience gain results)

Front-end (fe)

The front-end(s) that the script is designed to work with.

  • Valid options: StormFront, Genie, Wizard, Zmud, Warlock, YASSE

Author (auth)

The author(s) of the script. (Link to the user page if possible.)

Article Layout

|cat=combat, information, quest, training, travel, utility
|fe=StormFront, Genie, Wizard, Zmud, Warlock, YASSE (delete the incompatable ones)


A brief description of what the script does.


If variables are required, explain those here.


List important revisions by date, with the most recent changes at the top of the list.

*'''mm/dd/yyyy''': Brief description


The actual script should be contained within the pre tag, which will ensure that it is posted exactly as written. (Without this tag, Wiki formatting may be applied to the script, which may cause errors.)

<pre>text of script</pre>