Eclectic Eccentric (1)

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The Eclectic Eccentric
Event Hollow Eve Festival 396, Hollow Eve Festival 399
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[The Eclectic Eccentric]
Marble floors and the mesmerizing fragrance of cinnamon greet shoppers as they enter this strange shop. Carved lanterns hang along the silk canopy, casting merry shadows that seem to frolic along the gauze-draped metal walls, adding mystery to the otherwise welcoming place. A wide variety of mannequins are arrayed about the shop, displaying their fashionable ensembles in style. You also see a multicolored beaded doorway and a stained glass counter with some stuff on it.

On the leather mannequin
Item Price Done
flowered nightcap with lacy edges 270   
round glasses with a beaded neck chain 811   No
dangling silver earrings shaped like cats 902   No
stained red shirt embroidered with bell-wearing kittens 811   No
soft black cotton-knit pants covered in white cat hair 451   No
big red-stained leather purse embossed with myriad cats 1082   No
black socks with colorful cats embroidered up the ankles 180   No
On the voluptuous mannequin
Item Price Done
natural-looking vine sandals 1353   No
floor-length blonde wig made from real hair 9020   No
flesh-colored silk bodysuit 902   No
On the slender mannequin
Item Price Done
poorly spit-shined boots that are covered in dried mud 902   No
some burlap pants with the words "LAUNDRY DAY" painted on the rear 180   No
oversized orange tulip bowtie 90   No
crooked top hat with a snazzy red feather 360   No
On the bulky mannequin
Item Price Done
sumptuous purple velvet slippers with mud-stained toes 451   No
pink and purple paisley stockings 135   No
extravagant pearl-trimmed satin gown with a mud-splattered hemline 13530   No
showy purple hair bow 90   No
On the glass counter
Item Price Done
small sign that reads "Nothing Special" 586   
small shovel-shaped sign hanging from a twine cord 586   
small goblet-shaped sign attached to a crystal-beaded chain 586   
small horse-shaped sign attached to a leather cord 586   
small cat-shaped sign attached to a silver-bead chain 586