Echocolumn command

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    Echocolumn {/ON|/OFF|/HELP}
      /ON                   - Swap output to fixed width.
      /OFF                  - Swap output to the regular font.
      /HELP                 - This help.
      /EXAMPLES             - Display scripting examples.
    Echocolumn {message}
      {message}             - Any arbirary text you wish to display to yourself.
  Advanced Options for StormFront FrontEnd users:
      /NEW(#)               - Creates a new window to which you may direct ECHOCOLUMN
                              output to directly.  (# must be 0-9)
                              If you use the number of an existing ECHOCOLUMN window
                              it will be destroyed and replaced with a blank one.
      /# {message}          - Direct the text to a ECHOCOLUMN window.  Please note
                              you must first create the window using /NEW(#).
      /# /R                 - Force a linefeed in the specified window.
      /# /COMMAND {command text} /DISPLAY {display text}
                            - Creates a point and click link in the window # specified
                              that will issue the command specified in {command text}
                              as if you typed exactly that text.
                              The text that follows /DISPLAY is what is displayed as a
                              link in your window.